By the river bank
Where tall grass bow down
Looking healthy than ever
Paying homage to her footprints
Covering prints of her bare feet
Left behind when she vanished

On this thin footpath
Along which shadows of grass
Hides her last footprints
That she marked last on land
Before vanishing to the unknown sphere
The prints have defied time
In the tall grass they find refuge
Always resisting erosion

The path leading to the river
The less travelled path
On which grass cover images of her feet
That marked her last travelled journey
The prints that always bid farewell
To the remaining souls
Why did you steal our joy-you path
By taking away our hope

The meandering footpath
Avoided by many
Return our granny
The children are missing her care
If she won’t come back
Then steal these lingering memories
Just as you stole her
I will then ask God to bring rains
To wash away her footprints
Maybe it will erase the memories
The less travelled path stole her

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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