Locked in this bedrom
Of my round roofed house
Chewing cards of last night’s happenings
Longing for tomorrow in pessimism
I take my pipe and……………
Just to steady my brain nerves
And freak off the fear in me
For this pipe makes me more sane
In this tension where tomorrow is untold

Situation down here is unpredictable
Raining from dawn to dusk
Yet we still sweat profusely
With the BOOOM!! BOOOOOM!! everywhere
Cloating the blood in our veins
The atmosphere is suffocating
Out there is a no go zone
Flooded with the modern matyres
Silenced by nozzles of the riffles

The poet’s mind
Has become an oasis of thoughts
Thoughts flowing none stop
Imitating the blood oozing out there
From the butchered bodies of the innocents
When did fighting start
And when will it end
Why has humanity escaped us
And insanity ruled in replacement
Will peace ever prevail again
And conquer the war mongers
Who have buried their mercy deep down

Here up country
There is nothing to smile about
Gunshots fill the air
Tomorrow is a total mirage
It is boom!! booooo! from dawn to dusk
Reducing innocent souls to dust

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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