Pregnant clouds weigh heavily
Lighting flashes simultaneously
A change of season will soon be marked
With showers of hope dropping again
Paying a visit to our thirsty soil
It is Yoooh!! Yoooh! in every home
Children dancing to welcome the rains

The rainbow is lost in the deep clouds
The sooty black clouds are suspending
Ready to drop and quench our hearts
The wind has stopped to blow
Cattle are mowing no more
Goats are jumping up and down
Celebrating the onset of rains
For soon the grass will grow
And dust has stopped to blow
Once again water will flow
On our thirsty cracking land

Soon the cassava will grow
And food stores will be full
Newly married women will be at task
To mill cassava on traditional mills
Made of two stones-big and small
Food will again remain on plates
And children will always rejoice
For the rain is a source of life

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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