TO THEM……………

Today I write this open letter
Am compelled to write now, not later
To address those who think they matter
Those who pretend to be mediators
Them who think they know better
Promising all that sound sweeter
Yet in return will live life that is bitter

To them our negotiators
Who come humble in sheep skin
Yet inside are slain wolves
Them who promise us heaven
Yet can’t even deliver clouds
We are watching with a third eye
The sons of peasants will soon act

To the “humble humiliators”
Feasting and dining on our sweat
Trembling on us with gigantic feet
Urinating at the upper part of the river
Not caring about those below poverty line
Drinking from it’s lower end
Those vomiting on our humility
Beating the hands that elevated them

To them the carnivores
Eating meat, leaving bones to us
Those who eat liver and give us ribs
Those who serve us with hooves and hides
Today poetic chronicles hit hard on you
I will melt the hooves to make shoes
The hides will cover me from cold
I will cook bones and drink its soup
I will then blow the horn
And mobilize fellow wananchi
To kick you out through the ballot
For the majority have its say

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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