Deep in the cages of my heart
I feel I should let you know this
For I have now gathered the guts
After a fall that brought to me this
I know truth will always hurt
Accept since you are responsible for this
To such words my ears will always shut
So that I escape sorrows of tomorrow

Not today, not even tomorrow
My wound is still fresh and bleeding
I can’t welcome another sorrow
My scar is still sore and paining
Your thorns pierced my heart like an arrow
With pain all over spreading

The heart once closed like a cylinder
Holding love strongly and passionately
The heart once tender
Now feels no shreds of tenderness
Everything reversed when I realized earlier
That the love I cherished most
Was like dwindling dew
It melted once the sun rose
Leaving no traces of intimacy
The sun had exercised its supremacy
Making my heart a hollow of emptiness
A void that can’t hold affection

When the cloud settled in our midst
Cutting off strings that bound our hearts
Fading the light at the end of the tunnel
My heart has then defined its limits
It has constricted like the end of a funnel
Its walls have been smeared by oil
Its bottom has created a basement
Heavy enough and immune to feelings
So for now I can’t feel love again
Not today, not even tomorrow

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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