At times I feel so depressed
So low that I only need a rest
At times I feel I have lost focus
When success becomes a mirage
And escape me like birds of passage
Even when my heart is just about to….
I still rise like a feather
Blown by smooth swift wind

As I walk in the shadows of death
And Wade in the mad of iniquity
When overwhelmed by my burden
That I can’t see light
At the end of the tunnel
I still get hopes of rising
Like a seed blown by harmattans
I still rise to higher height
For I am surrounded by His light

When my heart feel so broken
That my body rebuke my spirit
When crying endures for a night
I stand out like a soldier in a fight
For tomorrow will cometh joy
When my faith is weakened
And am just about to fall of sin
I still rise and soar high
For His mercy rests upon me

When everything seem not to work
And am about to lose myself
Into the eternal darkness
His light hits hard on me
And light up my path clear
That I collect my broken spirit
Ready to walk upright again
When the cloud of pessimism fall on me
Like a germinating seed I penetrate
And find my way to rise
For his love covers me

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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