From unknown spheres in the blues
A silent but shrieking voice hit my ears
Spreading fast like a deadly flu
Strong enough to cause fears
It is a voice of command
It is Mercus Gurvey
Inquiring if Africans have been freed
As they celebrate them, their heroes

In the deep sea of silence
Devoid of harassment and violence
A sea silent like matyres’ grave
I hear a voice of silence
Loud but devoid of nuisance
It is Mzee Jomo Kenyatta
Inquiring of Harambeism is still honoured
As we celebrate him as a hero

By the banks of a river
In a once luxuriant forest
Now infested with “black ants”
Gnawing its roots greatly
Devouring its initial beauty
I bow down to listen keenly
To listen to the voice of silence
It is Prof Wangari Mathai
Inquiring if forests are still conserved
As we celebrate her today

Far in the sapphire skies
I open wide my eyes
To see the horizon beyond mine
All I hear is voices of silence
Of patriots lost in another sphere
Inquiring silently
If the flames they left are still lighting
As we celebrate them -the heroes

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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