Ten years on duty
On toes day and night
A whole decade of pity
Surrounding the maiden city
We always tighten our belts
No more hope for tomorrow
But still ready and steady
No sleep
Until we accomplish the duty

Paah!! Paah!! Paah!!
The boots roll on plains
Everyone is alert
Our mission is to end the pains
Once we conquer the slain foe
Ten years of Boom!! Boom!!
Children crying
Women suffering most
But we made a vow
Never to show them our backs
Until we see them straight on the ground

Their belts are loosening
Their boots are now slippery
The ten years have weakened them
Their ringleaders have already flown
To take a swift breathe elsewhere
This atmosphere was suffocating them
Soon the remnants will bow down
They will raise up their arms
With their heads down
They will vacate the town

The signs are clearly showing
The rainbow above has brought victory
To mark the end of era
The foe will soon kneel
Then I will down my bow
Quench my thirst will my sweat
I will bid goodbye to fellow group men
Go far away,to my native land
Court my girl and wed
Then I will sit by the fire
And wait to grow old
After keeping my vow

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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