Me and you
Our noses face down
You live in town
I live in the bushes
Aren’t we all beings
Breathing same free air
Try to be fair friends
And hold the venom
With which you corode my lungs
Let me just die my own death

The petty friend
Make yourself busy for once
Tenderize your heart
Please let me be free
Let me also grow fat
Your breathe is suffocating
Hold it for a minute
And let me see the next decade

Don’t you also bend low
When tying shoe laces as I do
I hope you do that too
Why do you feel big
As if you have a diamond ore
At that common point
Where your two legs meet
Do you breath medals?
And sneeze diamonds
The answer is no
So let me be
Let me fly in this swift free air

My petty friend
Like me you have two rounded “pebbles”
Twitching round in our sockets
Like me you also fall asleep
And cry when it is necessary
You live in town
I live in bushes
Does it make us different?
We are still humans
So let me be
Because you don’t cough gold
And vomit dollars

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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