When dew still glitter
And shine bright like diamonds
Reflecting sun rays brighter
Let us unite into strong bonds
To make our future brighter
Lets go and turn down the soils
And restore our lost laughter

Lets go down the hill
Everyone with a hoe
And turn down the soil with zeal
Let the hoe be our bow
Lets wake up when the air is still
And declare un-ending war
Lets go out and kill
And suffocate our glaring foe

From plain to plain
Down the slope and on flat land
Let us endure the pain
Dig the farms and plant
Let us keep the foe at bay
Before we are forced to pay
For our own lack of plan
Lets send the foe away
Then sit down and enjoy
Carry your hoe, lets go brother

Lets brave the chilly morning
Take slates and keep going
This is a war to keep fighting
Until we conquer the glaring foe
Take the panga and a hoe
Go to the farms by the streams
Plant cassava and sorghum
Lets wake up when dew still glitter
And ‘chase’ famine away

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


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