Who will make me believe
This news that sounds like a rumour
That it is the last moment you live
How will I ascribe to it
When i still expect you to live
I am finding heard to believe
That like the wind you have flown
To unknown sphere of no return

My hand is still stretched
In great anxiety to shake yours
Maybe for the last time in the universe
To remind you of the brotherly moments
Which i am now longing for
Not knowing if they will ever surface again
It is true unexpected has happened
And too soon you have flown

I want to write this short sentence
The three word sentence of condolence
But my hard is heavy and numb
I am wrecked down by disbelief
So Rest in Piece wont be enough
To make me believe that you ain’t with us
So in the chamber of my already hurt heart
I write the phrase “REST IN PEACE”
Fare thee well Mr.
Too soon you have gone

(In Memory of my high school teacher Mr Wafula Kasil)

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


One thought on “GONE TOO SOON

  1. Thanks Sebby. These sentiments condone well enough. I join you in this well written poem. I love it.


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