I am at war with the world
Seeing unexpected happen
Receiving the bitter lemons
When passions were to be my portion
Paying for someone’s “sins”
Holding genuine tears
Of a true African warrior
I hold my breath and look at the blue sky
The nature is taking its course

The world isn’t mine
Is the daily phrase by my brothers
It may be true…fine
But who then owns the world
When every moment is a total mess
Innocents tied on lifetime chains
With no well wishers to bail
I hold my breath and look at the blue sky
The nature is taking its course

The sea is quarrelling
And the clouds are weeping
Showing great pity
Filled with endless mercy
Which has escaped human beings
Nation rising against nation
Leaving all in confusion
I hold my breath and look at the blue sky
The nature is taking its course

I am an alien in this land
Gone far away to my neighbours
To breath clean,fresh air
Air in my land is contaminated
By the instruments of hate
Under this tree I pity my land
Hopeless I hold my breath
And look at the blue sky
Hoping tomorrow we will smile

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved



This calm soft wind
Blowing North-East
The wind that sways the trees
Wind blowing without rest
Trust the wind
It is carrying my word

Early in the morning
The birds are singing
A melody of hope and joy
In a tone that curses fighting
And ridicules corruption
Trust the blowing wind
It has a poetic say

This calm wind blowing here
Also blows in the South
But there it is strong to cause fear
Because of the weight of its message
Lay your trust upon it
Listen to its hissing sound
Feel its nice waves
This is the poetic wind
Preaching peace to the world

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


Schools,hospitals and shops
That we had in plenty
Are hulled down
Into dark-sooty ashes
Though a voice urges that be hopeful
But I still question
Who will own tomorrow?

Tomorrow isn’t mine
For the granaries are down
Hit by great force
Of self-made nuclear weapon
And a voice urges that we be hopeful
But I still question
Who will own tomorrow

Here stands a ‘heavy’ mother
In the caves dug by missiles
Within her an innocent life suffer
Paying for the uncommitted ‘sins’
And we are urged to be hopeful
But I still question
Who will own tomorrow?

In a cave in the near far
A voice of grief calls for help
Is a young innocent child
Receiving the bitter portion
Of the inhuman nature
So I leave with my hand stretched
To reach and save a life
But I still question
Who will own tomorrow
When seeing another down is a mystery

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


Here is a new season
To try our luck again
Let’s rise in unison
Our efforts will bring gain
Rise up for the new season
Fight hard to end the pain

Let’s join for a reason
Forget our past and work on
Laziness is like treason
Punishment will befall us all
Wake up,clear the bushes and burn
United we can’t fall
Let’s go out, hands on
I plead, head to this call

Brave the morning cold
Harden yourself for the season
Get out,search for “Gold”
Only rest when done
Hands on,work extra hard
For this is a new season

Hands on,brave the scotching sun
Go ahead and sow the seed
Very soon it will rain
Come back,remove the weed
When done,go back to bed
And wait to fill the stores
Then merry and have fun
After having conquered famine

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


Deep down these cages
Is a spirit silent for ages
Immersed in a sleeping sea
A sea without waves and ripples

In the dry prairie grass
Lies the cold spark
Silenced by strong winter
Cooled by the snow floods
Open your eyes wide
Stare at the dead spark
Give it a reason to glow again

This deaf,dead spark
Sparkling bright but as cold as snow
Can still glow, I certainly know
Stretch your tender finger
Touch the dead spark
Let your feminine figure
Provoke the dormant spirits
And ignite the spark into a flame
Then slowly the spark will burst
Into a hot blazing fire
Of loving again

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


These words I say today
Am not tired to say another day
Not that I expect a pay
But am just giving my say
Please crown me today
When my mouth is able to say

If you are keeping my praises
Praise me when the sun rises
Be bold and say my praises
When my hand is able to raise
And clap for myself
Don’t wait until my palms freezes
Those praises will be your own choices

Praise me today
When I am able to hear your voice
Please praise me now
When I can still read your faces
And know if it is genuine
Or absolute malice
Praise me when I still breath
Don’t wait until am silent
Those praises will be your own creations
Praise me today
When my soul is still alive

If am good to you in any way
Let it be known today
Don’t wait until I fade away
Into the unknown the sphere of no return
Say my praises today
When the sun is shining bright
Let my praises be said in the light
And in my own sight
Don’t wait until am no more
And praise me when I can’t listen

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


Genuine friends are nowhere to find
They vanished to the sphere beyond
Far away in fact in foreign land
The remnants are unworthy to keep
So in this piece I find a friend
To lull and give me peace
Keeping you I wont cease
For you are worth my morning smiles

On your soft and smooth surface
I lay my head with a million thoughts
You listen to my thousand dreams
And keep them away from my foe
Keeping you I wont cease
I will treasure you than before

My innermost secrets
My pillow knows them best
Even when I face the worst
Is this friend that make me rest
When my head seem heavy of thoughts
This friend provides great support
So besides being a friend
The pillow is my confidant

When am feeling so low
The pillow is there to raise me
To soak my face and relax
To wipe my tears and sooth
And to listen to my genuine cry
So in this soft and smooth piece
I find a friend to give me peace

The pillow knows my joy and cry
It lulls me when I cant bare all
When I cry the pillow is always there
Like a mother it dries my tears
So this friend keeps my joy
And knows my cry
In this soft and smooth piece
I find a friend to give me peace

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


Covered by the immaculate white,
With red and blue roses besides,
Sandwitched by jovial maidens,
Is the splint that ignites the heart,
A nap that refreshes the mind,
And a stimulant that steady the nerves,
Pick those roses,
And arise agains all forces.

For better for worse,
Are the words of your mouth,
Keep them even when things reverse,
When in the North and in the South,
For today you are made an item,
Bound by this ring, fine and smooth,
Slow down the pace,look into his face,
Pick the roses and keep the pace.

Deep down your heart,
Write with a thick ink,
This phrase “I Do”,
Recite it every moment,
Let it strengthen your union,
Keep the words of your mouth,
Slow down the pace, look into his face,
Pick the roses and keep the pace.

Show your hidden face,
Smile at the congregation,
Be happy for finishing the race,
Nod to the great acclamation,
Slow down the pace, look into his face,
Pick the roses and keep the pace.

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


These fourteen lines of my poem
None is about money or fame
For I have written about the same
In my previous poem
These lines are written for them
To hit them hard and touch them
To make them hide because of shame
For I will spare none of them
This fourteen line poem
Is exclusively for them
Those whose dresses lack hem
Short skimpy and holding them
If they thought of getting fame
This sonnet hits hard on them

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved