These words I say today
Am not tired to say another day
Not that I expect a pay
But am just giving my say
Please crown me today
When my mouth is able to say

If you are keeping my praises
Praise me when the sun rises
Be bold and say my praises
When my hand is able to raise
And clap for myself
Don’t wait until my palms freezes
Those praises will be your own choices

Praise me today
When I am able to hear your voice
Please praise me now
When I can still read your faces
And know if it is genuine
Or absolute malice
Praise me when I still breath
Don’t wait until am silent
Those praises will be your own creations
Praise me today
When my soul is still alive

If am good to you in any way
Let it be known today
Don’t wait until I fade away
Into the unknown the sphere of no return
Say my praises today
When the sun is shining bright
Let my praises be said in the light
And in my own sight
Don’t wait until am no more
And praise me when I can’t listen

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


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