Here is a new season
To try our luck again
Let’s rise in unison
Our efforts will bring gain
Rise up for the new season
Fight hard to end the pain

Let’s join for a reason
Forget our past and work on
Laziness is like treason
Punishment will befall us all
Wake up,clear the bushes and burn
United we can’t fall
Let’s go out, hands on
I plead, head to this call

Brave the morning cold
Harden yourself for the season
Get out,search for “Gold”
Only rest when done
Hands on,work extra hard
For this is a new season

Hands on,brave the scotching sun
Go ahead and sow the seed
Very soon it will rain
Come back,remove the weed
When done,go back to bed
And wait to fill the stores
Then merry and have fun
After having conquered famine

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


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