This calm soft wind
Blowing North-East
The wind that sways the trees
Wind blowing without rest
Trust the wind
It is carrying my word

Early in the morning
The birds are singing
A melody of hope and joy
In a tone that curses fighting
And ridicules corruption
Trust the blowing wind
It has a poetic say

This calm wind blowing here
Also blows in the South
But there it is strong to cause fear
Because of the weight of its message
Lay your trust upon it
Listen to its hissing sound
Feel its nice waves
This is the poetic wind
Preaching peace to the world

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


6 thoughts on “TRUST THE WIND

  1. Wow! you’re such a talented poet. I wonder, why such brilliant blogs don’t get recognition. Your Poems are So So Magnificent, That I kept reading them, until I realised I Have finished Reading Ten. That’s how good your poems were. Keep up this good work… I will be waiting for more of such beautiful poems… One more thing I would like to tell you is that, even I write poems, and have have a blog, I would be mighty thankful to you, if you read them and comment about, what you felt. Anyways, advice coming from a poet like you would be very useful. Hopefully you will.and ya keep writing such beautiful poems.


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