A song nice to the ears
Is self composing in my thoughts
A song strong to remove fears
And leave you freed
This song will wipe your tears
And leave you delighted
This song, sweet rocking song
I sing to you, listen to it

This sweet soothing song
Let its chorus soften your heart
In its rhyming punchline
Find a rhythm to dance to your fears
Let its lulling rock remove the young ageing wringles
That steal the beauty of your round face
I sing to you a soothing song
Let it lull you and give you solace

I sing to you a melodious stanza
Let its musicality shake your heart hard
And melt that lamp of sadness
Let it sublime to the sapphire skies
And bring back that soft tender you
Which I miss and can’t stop to wish
That this song be an agent of your rejuvination

Tonight I sing to you
In the soft tone of the morning birds
This rocking soothing song
In the pitch of my calm shrieking voice
May you find a soft piece to dry your tears
And smear a lasting smile on your face
Let me see the long missed dimples
Within which the foundain of my laughter dwell

This short stanza I sing to you
Let it collect the shreds of lost hope
And cement it into an oasis of smiles
Let its soothing end be the tune
To which your heart will dance
To celebrate the end of tether
This song I sing to you
Let it be the beginning of your new life

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved




The feeling within me
Is pretty devastative
Cold as snow but hard as a blow
Soon it will freeze my heart
Already my bones are softened
And the blood is soon cloating
This feeling……
Hard like a blow

Though I seriously pretend
To be quite to it and make it slow
But like a red spark the heart burn from within
Soon it will turn into ashes
For the flame is now going off
But the burn is becoming devastative

This feeling from within
Its impact is more outside
Tearing my flesh hard
And piercing the heart most
The pain on the flesh
Is more than on the heart
This feeling within
Is tearing me from outside

@Sebby-The Poet
All rights reserved


Side by side
The slim body swey
All I see is a thrilling shape
As the whole body bend
Head facing down and kissing the soil
A beauty within
    Worth to watch everyday

In the smooth turbulence free wind
The buds open and wink at me
All pink with fragrant scent
My nose is forever glued to it
The internal beauty
Seen from within
   Worth to watch everyday

From a distance I feel your scent
All natural but worth to feel
And wish I would have the powers to seal
That beauty to myself
This is a natural beauty
   Worth to watch everyday

Curious I extend my hand
To touch the beauty of the blossomed bud
All I feel is a fine smooth tenderness
Between my always rough fingers
The pink colour of the buds
Colours my morning bright
Ohh… I will pluck off the whole flower
With its strong but tender stalk
On my tie I will pin the flower
This naturally beautiful flower
    The beauty worth to watch everyday

@Sebby-The Poet™
All rights reserved


The sun has risen
And the birds are awake
I take my harmless sword
Ready to fight for you
Sing for me and praise me
I am the warrior of your being

The sun is on my head
And my shadow is short
But can that make me weak?
No,  more strong I become
I take my bow and stroll
Guarding around the fance
In and out of your vivicinity
Feed me well and smile for me
Make me keep the war till dawn

The wind is blowing
Smoothly northwards and back
The romantic golden colour of the sun
Keeps me live and determined
A warrior fighting for a heart
In a self but devastaitive war

Now the sun has gone to sleep
And the wind isn’t blowing anymore
But I still keep the fight
Fighting from within the walls of this house
Smile for me, show me the dimples
Lull me and let me sleep like a king
I am the warrior guarding your heart
Which I won a couple of days ago

@Sebby-The Poet
All rights reserved


Left right and centre
No place to hide my face
In this strange land I enter
Please let me have a minute rest
Where I was hell broke loose
This is where I feel I must be

I belong here not by birth
Neither am I here by registration
All I want is to end my frustrations
So am here because of situations
Where I was hell broke loose
And I sought refuge in this unpredictable ‘heaven’

The language is strange to my ears
This of course hastens my fears
But do I care, this is my heaven
I will learn the hard way
So long as the atmosphere is cool
For where I was hell broke loose
It is only here I can find solace

No visa,  no identification
I land on this alien land
Where peace is plenty like sand
And hatred is a no meaning word
Though am assured of lifetime peace
But an illegal I remain
Pitying my motherland
When will it find lasting peace?

@Debby_The Poet
All rights reserved


*****Wedding Poem******
Fortune made us meet
Under the bright moonlight
Timid we gave a shy look
As our soft hands shook
Then a natural force manifested
Giving us this nice look

Many are the gifts
But few are gifts that stay
We are gifts of own kind
That is what I can say
Hold your gown,whisper to me
You are a gift that stay

Today we stand
At this raised holy ground
Giving lifetime vows
“Yes I do” is the word
Stand strong,look into my face
Then whisper to me this wedding day
We are gifts that stay

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved