Side by side
The slim body swey
All I see is a thrilling shape
As the whole body bend
Head facing down and kissing the soil
A beauty within
    Worth to watch everyday

In the smooth turbulence free wind
The buds open and wink at me
All pink with fragrant scent
My nose is forever glued to it
The internal beauty
Seen from within
   Worth to watch everyday

From a distance I feel your scent
All natural but worth to feel
And wish I would have the powers to seal
That beauty to myself
This is a natural beauty
   Worth to watch everyday

Curious I extend my hand
To touch the beauty of the blossomed bud
All I feel is a fine smooth tenderness
Between my always rough fingers
The pink colour of the buds
Colours my morning bright
Ohh… I will pluck off the whole flower
With its strong but tender stalk
On my tie I will pin the flower
This naturally beautiful flower
    The beauty worth to watch everyday

@Sebby-The Poet™
All rights reserved


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