A song nice to the ears
Is self composing in my thoughts
A song strong to remove fears
And leave you freed
This song will wipe your tears
And leave you delighted
This song, sweet rocking song
I sing to you, listen to it

This sweet soothing song
Let its chorus soften your heart
In its rhyming punchline
Find a rhythm to dance to your fears
Let its lulling rock remove the young ageing wringles
That steal the beauty of your round face
I sing to you a soothing song
Let it lull you and give you solace

I sing to you a melodious stanza
Let its musicality shake your heart hard
And melt that lamp of sadness
Let it sublime to the sapphire skies
And bring back that soft tender you
Which I miss and can’t stop to wish
That this song be an agent of your rejuvination

Tonight I sing to you
In the soft tone of the morning birds
This rocking soothing song
In the pitch of my calm shrieking voice
May you find a soft piece to dry your tears
And smear a lasting smile on your face
Let me see the long missed dimples
Within which the foundain of my laughter dwell

This short stanza I sing to you
Let it collect the shreds of lost hope
And cement it into an oasis of smiles
Let its soothing end be the tune
To which your heart will dance
To celebrate the end of tether
This song I sing to you
Let it be the beginning of your new life

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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