The inner feeling in me is beyond red roses
Stirred by immagination,driven by unseen forces
Roses are beautiful,growing by the river banks
Sun is their enemy that makes them to wither
So the feeling in me prevails in all weather
It is beyond red roses that only blossoms in the cold
And wither in the midday sun when needed the most

Deep down in me is a cold burning sensation
That keeps me in motion like the earth’s rotation
The feeling is beyond the scented red roses
It is an illusion that i cant stop feeling its ignition
A sense that rekindles the splint long put off
This must be beyond the fragrant ed roses
For roses wither and fall off as useless rejects

As i stand on this plain of affection
Am set to go,to bring you something special
Something light,but heavy make your heart settle
So please it wont be a rose or something close to it
Roses are beautiful wen young
But an eyesore as they grow old and beauty fades
So i bring you a vibrating unseen force
Receive it and let your heart dance to its tune
May special gift this time will be beyond red roses
For roses will wither and be thrown away
Take this living gift daughter of Ramogi
A gift of true love and affection
That is far beyond red roses

@Sebby-The Poet™
All rights reserved


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