Remove yourself from the mud son
Strengthen yourself and move own
Through the mud make a way to destiny
Make your bridge,get yourself from this mess
Keep strong and move one more step
It is too early for you to lose hope

Open your eyes and see the beauty of nature
Build confidence and live to your future
Count not your failures of the past
Rise up afresh and move on like a soldier
Worry not of your today but focus on tomorrow
No one knows what tomorrow holds for us

Dry your tears and feel happy again
Be confident and get out of your fears
Quench your lifetime thirst with your tears
Allow not your heart to age and tear
Stage un ending battle with the life
Face it strong for it is a fierce fore
Fight hard just as others did before

Pull yourself from the shadows of death
Like a soldier retreat not until you liberate yourself
Make a vow of self liberation
Hustle through and get out of this darkness
Fear not the present,focus on future
Have hope for at the end of tunnel is light

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


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