Tracy is feeling weak
Since last week
I guess she is sick
Though i cant risk
To go to her and ask
If she is sick
I cant give her tablets
Because i am afraid
She might have done it again

Like the other time
Her legs are swelling
she doesnt like eating
She is ever vomiting
And ever fattening
She is not walking
She prefers sitting
When others are working
She has abruptly become brown
With her belly ever swelling
I am afraid she has done it again

The first time you did it
You were barely eighteen
At a very tender age
You brought a grandson to us
I remember you almost died
Because you were still young
And i thought you could learn a lesson
From the pain you endured
I lack what to say
When i see you eating soil again
Putting on an oversize dress
You have probaby done it again

Tracy my sister
You have burried my dignity
Doing it twice while still in school
This time am very unhappy
You know doing it made Lexy drop out of school
It made Eve give up her dream
And Sally almost died
When she tried to do premature birth
Through induced medical action
In the name of abortion
On you i have lost trust
I will just treat you like the rest
Why have you done it again!

Many have suffered
Because of doing it
You Tracy included
Look now you dropped out of school
You have lost your dignity
To us you have brought a burden
Of caring for two children
Because of early pregnancies
The rest please hear my cry
I am actually pleading
Lets avoid them because we can
untill it is the right time
Let us not do it again!

All rights reserved
@Sebby-The Poet™


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