Am a distant pedestrian
In this unpredictable hide and seek game
Am thet pedestrian walking through the valleys and hills
Along this meandering road of all odds
Where no skills are required but only perserverance
Perserverance that is now a vague vocublary to me
Vague and infact a total mirage
In this race i wont take part again
So let me be a distant pedestrian
Waching the race from the other side of the road

Am that silent pedestrian
Who quited the race before it got worse
When i realized my heart was almost bleeding
I couldnt withstand the potholes of this road
Where injustice was my daily dose
The waves of this path hit me heard always
Till my heart almost froze
I chose to quit this competitive race
Let me be a pedestrian and watch without stress

My competitor in this race was a beast
To me she never thought of anything best
Pushing me to the sides of the road with an iron fist
She made me look like a cursed outcast
Then i made a long lasting choice at last
In the race of love i will be a pedestrian
Watching the overspeeding racers from the roadside


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