Early in the morning the moon sleeps
And the sun rules over with red lips
Inside this nest like house
Sleeps the son, full of thousand thoughts
Thoughts of unpredictable tomorrow
The day that always comes with it’s sorrows
Before dawn…. The sun positively things
He will once realize the thousand dreams

The sun shines bright spreading it’s laughter
The dwindling dew melts and escapes
The birds singing magical songs louder
Awakening the already lost hopes
In this hollowed house where the rays fall brighter
The son believes that one day before dawn
He will receive his crown

It is midday and the sun shines brighter
The son toils under the scorching sun
Breaking rocks by the river banks
The waves and tides giving him solace
Then slowly the hopes grows
That before dawn… The pains will bring gains

Late in the evening the sun sleeps
And the moon brings the soothing solace
In this ‘mansion’ the rays shine brighter
Rekindling the glowing spark of hope
Hoping that before dawn
His fortune will knock.

@Sebby _The Poet™
All rights reserved


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