Oyatsi my only son,
The one I named after chief Odera
You are approaching your thirtieth season
Your chin is rough enough
To be called a man, to man a family
And sire an heir to your kingdom.
So listen, and listen with an inner ear.

Don’t marry a woman for beauty
The beauty fades like a cut water lily
Marry not by looking at her hinds
Don’t be deceived by the weight above her legs
Don’t be blinded by the ridge and valley “landscape”
Marrying for that is being silly
Marry a woman of substance.

Oyatsi my only son,
You know we, Jok’Okwiri are choosy
Don’t marry from K’Opere clan
Women from that clan are lazy
A good example is Nyoremo the clown
Spreading rumors daily, ever busy
So my son before you decide to marry
Get a lady who is worth your clan

Oyatsi the pride of my manhood
The first son of my Mikayi-first wife
I beg please do me good
Choose a woman full of life
Don’t bring the bow-legged mouthy woman
Light skinned with red lips like fresh wounds
She will cause you ulcers for no reason
She will fall prey for the hungry Jok’Okwiri vultures
And bring incurable Chira in our clan
Bring a dark, daughter of the soil
A woman who will give birth to a twenty kids
To be named after all our departed heroes.

Oyatsi, son of Nyaimbo
Be a wise man and listen once
When you marry don’t count pieces of meat
In your wife’s cooking pot
Your wife will run away my son
You will die misumba-bachelor like Obong’o
You know the consequences of that my son
Treat your wife like a queen
You will be the happiest king my son

©Ayieko Jakoyo
A Poet and a novelits


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