The hidden beauty behind Seme plains
The land or rich African heritage
The long unfading beauty of ages
The aesthetic heart soothing beauty
Is what I want to wake up to
After a long unpredictable night
Nursing pangs of pain, untold pain of injustice

The bright light of the morning star
Shining bright at shows of Nam_Lolwe
Near Jaduon’Okwiri’s home
The star is the only hope left
To give back the lost grace
Of the beauty tainted by inhuman acts
So I cling to it like a tick on a cow’s tail
And draw lost happiness in its shiny light.

The morning dwindling dew
Shining bright like white specks
On the long Olenge-grass of Rachuonyo
Is the ‘herb’ that heals my bleeding heart
Bleeding profusely, longing for long lost beauty
The beauty of faded African culture
Now corrupted by the white man’s magic-civilazation
And raged the beautiful ‘tero buru’ ritual
And the sweet Nak-removal of teeth rite

The rippling waves of Nam-Lolwe (Lake Victoria)
In the land of the learned men of Jok’Owiny
The spectrum formed by water in late evenings
As the sun goes to sleep in Ugwe-West
Is the only hope left for me to see
As I meditate on restoring the African beauty
To regain its lost Glory
Africa will be built by Africans
Only if we see beyond our noses.

©Ayieko Jakoyo
(Sebby The Poet™)
2nd August, 2018

/Photo credit: Sky_V Media/


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