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(First Wife)
The sun is almost sinking in west
I can see its bleeding reddish eyes
Behind me a long shadow casts
As it does in the evening always
And you my Mikayi….
Here you are gossiping
With the certified village clowns

Can’t you see the mist beyond siala trees?
Mudho(darkness) is descending Mikayi
Shortly it will be totally dark
Don’t you fear meeting msambwa(spirits)
On your way back home nyar maro?
Am told the spirit of the recently died bachelor
Is hovering around like hungry osudhe- wild dog
Take your water pot Mikayi
Let’s go back to our lugala- new home

Have you forgeten so easily
That our round grass-thatched palace
Is raining like rain itself?
You know our “makna aguru otanda”- bed
Has to be moved to a safer place…..
And here I am pleading with you
Let us go Mikayi
It is already drizzling

Nyar Alego
Rib of my rib, flesh of my flesh
Don’t you fear thunderstorms
The punishment of the “kwere wa”-ancestors?
Can’t you see the clouds are heavily pregnant
Torrential “koth” -rain will fall shortly
Have you forgotten I don’t have another shirt
To change in case I will be rained on?
Let’s go Nyar Maro
“Akwayi inyim Hera”-
( I beseach you in the name of love)
My Mikayi…

© Ayieko Jakoyo
All rights reserved
6th November 2018



2 thoughts on “MIKAYI

  1. I love your art work Mr Sebby.. I commend the idea in your brains.. about the mikayi,, yes she’s beautiful but she should learn to work!!
    very common in our today’s life, especially the University graduands..slayqueens,,
    #gonna be my role model.


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