Rumours has it that I Rateng’ Wuod Mireri
The grandson of Otoyo Rabuor
The true legend of our Kaliech village
The third son of the fourth wife…….
Rumours has it that am marrying Nyadondi
The brown village clown
With pliers like limbs
Rumours has it……….

Rumours has it that I am paying her dowry
That I bought her father a patila of local brew
Ignore it please it isn’t true
In fact I am not in a hurry
To marry the brown village clown
Ignore the rumours spreading like flu

Rumours has it
That she was seen near my simba-cottage
Weeding the flourishing flowers at noon
They say am marrying her very soon
That soon before noon she will be the next of keen
Ignore the rumour, I won’t marry soon

Hasn’t it been rumoured that her sacred plot
Is the playing ground for open tournaments?
Hosting both home and away matches?
Friendlies and competition games?
Ignore the rumours spreading like summer forest fire
That I Rateng’ wuod Nyar Alego
Is marrying a mother of three.

© 8th May, 2018
Ayieko Jakoyo



Sebby The Poet™
On my sick bed
Sorrounded by several pity souls
Praying for me the last prayer
Wishing me to fare well
With an extension of oxygen pipe
Tied strong on my nose..
On the life support machine
I will ask for a pen and a paper
To write my usual nice poems

Tear gas Poet
I’ll snatch a paper from the hospital diary,
Steal a pen, whenever the nurses carry,
For in the drips my heart will be absolve,
For i want to die doing what i love,
I’ll walk in the dark period for miles,
Just to paint my dying face with smiles,

Sebby The Poet™
Before I gasp for the last breathe
I will snatch the doctors phone
Log to my poetry WordPress account
And publish my last piece
The advice piece to mankind
To live in peace of our Lord
And embrace the needed brotherhood

Tear gas Poet
I’ll put the signature at the beginning,
For if i die before i complete,
Then the source is established,
The river will flow, to form deltas,
And the message will reach the world in water,
I’ll write on the political regime,
I’ll write on abortion that it’s plans need to be aborted,
I’ll write on oppression,
Before my life fades away,
I’ll write to my lover,
I’ll say bye with tears of the stolen pen

Sebby The Poet™
And if my soul fades away
Before I complete the piece
I won’t rest in peace
My spirit will hover around
Like stubborn hunger in summer
From the darkest corner of the grave
I will sing the poem in fine tunes
Until the message reaches the world

© Sebby The Poet™
© Teargas Poet



Tell Salome am no longer a boy
Am old enough and my hair turning grey
Tell her I still remember her bitter scorn
On her face that night she left soon
Tell her… Tell her that am now a man
With two children, a daughter and a son

Tell Salome that am no longer mama’s son
I moved from being a boy to a gentleman
I still remember how she took me for a toy
Tell her that my life is now full of joy
The tears I shed cleared my eyes clean
And opened my heart for a beautiful queen
Marking an end to the era of crying

Tell Salome…
Tell her in the broad daylight
That I collected the pieces of the broken heart
Wove them into love under the moonlight
Tell her… Tell salome
That I married the chief’s daughter
While she decays in her father’s homeyard

@Sebby The Poet™
All rights reserved
© Jakoyo_2017


A reply to Dear brothr Odhis
My brother CBO ….
Your letter found me well,
But there is some truth that mama doesnt know,
The woman in question is a billionaire,
She takes care of everything in my life here in Nairobi,
About the food worry not brother,
Nyar Gatundu will take care of that,
She will bring sacks of rice and some oduma,
Our dero will be filled to serve the entire village,
My brother..do me a fevour,
About the toilet please sweet-talk Oyugi wuod Nyapwoyo,
Tell him to allow us us his toilet..Nyar Gatundu will pay in dollars,
The children am coming with are not mine,
But i named them after Okinyo and Akoko,
So as to be accepted at home owadwa…
My brother….
About skin tights and skimpy skirts,
Tell the elders to forgive me,
It is beyond my control,
Tell Nyakwar Gwara to allow us use his borehole for water,
I will give him a ride in Nyar Gatundu’s Benz,
Finally CBO my brother..
Lend me your simba(cottage),
We wont take long time at home.

Your brother
Odhis Wuod Nyager

Sebby the Poet
All rights reserved

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Rabuor the village cock
Your behaviour is now wanting
You are now the village talk
From the hills down to the spring
What you did yesternight was a shock
That left the villagers asking
Who has bewitched Rabuor?

Rabuor the village gardener
The seed you planted in Awino’s virgin plot
Is now germinating
It is growing despite the prolonged drought
Soon it will require prunning
The other neighbour has fenced his plot
To prevent the village cock from trespassing
Who has bewitched Rabuor?

I have heard you are targeting Awinja’s land
That land in the cool valley
The smooth land devoid of sand
You are planning to plant there the barley
As you plan to grab the neighbour’s virgin land

Rabuor the village cock
When you craws the villagers fences their lands
The chief has heard the victims’ plea
And he is now baying for your blood
The village cock….fly to the land in the yonder
Before you become the vultures celebration
Who has bewitched Rabuor?

N/B.. The Name Rabuor is not refering to anyone in particular
           I just used it to pass the intended message
@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved

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I cant really assertain
If this is my real identity
Because i fail to certify
I guess i lost my sanity
Why am I so different?
Is it that i cant trace my originality
No, this must be a mistaken identity

Me of all of them
Happen to be different in all ways
In this planet where everyone is for fame
I am the only pushing for justice always
My equals claim that to them i bring shame
Because i am not with them in that game
I am for those who dont have a say
They are for fame and name
So we aren’t the same
They are mistaking my identity

I am an alienated being
Can’t trace myself in this society
Where fame and name is the major thing
The sane are now drunk in insanity
Show where is the animal,where is the human being
In this vulture flooded society
Despite this i stand tall and say no to all odds…..
What makes them doubt my sanity
Brother..this is my true identity,mistake it not
Justice i preach,I will retreat not

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



Here am to stay,from dawn to dawn
Braving the sturbbon cold of the season
Dreading the magics of the unpredictable nights
Sorrounded by all odds of the night
Where the land,silent as the matyrs grave
But still i like this golden precious job
For it puts a plate of ugali on my table
Where i eat like a king in my own jungle
Am here to stay

All through the night,am always awake
Watching the undying beauty of nature
The beautiful stars and the charming moon
Their light heals me from the pains of the day
As i watch over my master’s ‘gold mines’
The moon watches over me
Giving me a doubted sense of security
In this dreading night,full of all odds
But a question stirs in my mind
Who is watching over my home?

Late in the sweet dreadful night
Am stolen by Mr sleep and taken to slumber land
Where a dream of fantasy runs through my mind
As i count “my wealth” which am watching over
I call my sons in this sweet royal dream
And share out my riches!
Before the dream is cut short by the masters vehicle
Vuuuuuuuum! Vuuuuuuuuuum!
What! I wake up the poor watchman again!

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserve



The mind is at crossroads
Tied by chains of imagination
Inside this hot blazing skull
Is a cold thick cloud of thoughts
Thoughts of the long gone days
Days of the long buried moments

Age is a limiting factor
That robs youthful moments day by day
Hiding them in the subconscious mind
Where they sit lonely and gloomy
But still stirring hard in the skull
Like the stubborn hunger in summer
Making the head to nod and dance
Dance to the tunes of of long forgotten songs

The mind is at the crossroads
Entangled in the bitter sweet childish plays
Where excessive happines would result to crying
And the cry bore happiness
So as i sit on this three legged stool
I dance to the fading childhood tunes
Of the cherished moments long missed
And age is the obstacle,that leaves me at crossroads

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserve


These words I say today
Am not tired to say another day
Not that I expect a pay
But am just giving my say
Please crown me today
When my mouth is able to say

If you are keeping my praises
Praise me when the sun rises
Be bold and say my praises
When my hand is able to raise
And clap for myself
Don’t wait until my palms freezes
Those praises will be your own choices

Praise me today
When I am able to hear your voice
Please praise me now
When I can still read your faces
And know if it is genuine
Or absolute malice
Praise me when I still breath
Don’t wait until am silent
Those praises will be your own creations
Praise me today
When my soul is still alive

If am good to you in any way
Let it be known today
Don’t wait until I fade away
Into the unknown the sphere of no return
Say my praises today
When the sun is shining bright
Let my praises be said in the light
And in my own sight
Don’t wait until am no more
And praise me when I can’t listen

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


These fourteen lines of my poem
None is about money or fame
For I have written about the same
In my previous poem
These lines are written for them
To hit them hard and touch them
To make them hide because of shame
For I will spare none of them
This fourteen line poem
Is exclusively for them
Those whose dresses lack hem
Short skimpy and holding them
If they thought of getting fame
This sonnet hits hard on them

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved