Here i come loaded
The red roses i hold
In your arms i fall
Hold my hand smoothly
Hide me in the deepness of your dimples
Show me the true love simple
Let me hear the sound of the jingles
From the romantic hill beyond

Sing to me with the shrilling voice
Tell me you love me twice
Make me feel am your best choice
For you are my earthly paradise
Hold my hand smoothly
Let us lose ourselves in the hills across

Bath me with the shore sand
Splash the waters,shower my feet with love
Lets feel the ripples of water
The sizzling voice and the rattles of waves
Lets rise by the falling waves
Warm ourselves by the lights that paves
Hide me in your rounded nice curves
Hold my hands smoothly
Lets sweem in this sea of love

Under the shiny bright moonlight
Draw me close and hold me tight
In your arms let me feel great
Spray me with your sweet soft perfume
Hold my hands smooth
Lets join into a single soul,bound by love
For you are my Valentine

Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved
© Jakoyo_2018

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Nyoremo the beauty from across,
Her shape like petals of a rose,
Her face,shiny like dew on grass,
She is lost in the mountains,
I can’t really trace,
If you see Nyoremo….
Tell her am dying young

The learned girl from the lake,
The only genuine woman, others are fake,
My heart rattles like the metal grill,
It aches nonestope-twenty four hours a day,
Tears rolling dow my faded face,
Nyoremo…save my soul from pains,
If you see Nyoremo…
Tell her am fading away.

The suits you used to wash are now rags,
The rags that erases your last footprints,
I curse the door you used to pass,
That day you went to ‘Buore’- Nairobi,
Was I wrong to send you to school?
To get a degree like your fellow women?
Nyoremo….If you are listening
Come,pull me out of this mud

The memories of the moments keep lingering,
The meeting under the moonlight haunts,
In your deep dimples I used to hide my grief,
Your smile was the liberation,
From the chains of fortune I was chained to,
The university has swallowed my morning star,
The” hungry vulture” took her to the hills of Mavoko,
She left me in the shadows of death,
‘Nyoremo jaber nyiri…’ come rescue my soul
If you see Nyoremo….
Tell her I will die for LOVE

All rights reserved


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Natella the true African woman,
The beauty of the morning sun,
The silky hair that always shine,
When around me all is fine,
Lucky me for you are mine…

Natella the chief’s daughter,
The gap between the teeth brings laughter,
Turns sweet what was bitter,
Your voice sweeter than a guiter,
Its silent noise makes me better,
Natella the chief’s daughter,
You make my future brighter…

Put on the shiny dera,
The birthday gift you got from Vera,
Stand still infront of the mirror,
Let me view the curved figure,
The figure that gives me vigour,
To work hard… this summer,
To maintain it Natella…

The beauty of the mountains,
Feel proud for this is your day,
Show the dimples,deeper than fountains,
Feel the air turbulance like a fly,
I am taking you to our plains,
To be your new home…I say.

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved

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At that untold junction
Joining the two fithy,dusty paths
Bathed by the long traditional ‘osinde’grass
That kissed the ground with their long tongues
The grass whose dew washed our feet
At that junction….
My silent whispers irritated the ears

At that junction in the woods
That joined the paths to our earthly heaven
The junction that knew no hate nor jealous
My long blinded eyes for once saw
They saw the misteries that nature hided in secracy
At that junction in the woods
The heart opened as the eyes witnessed
The natural forces pulling two beings together
Then slowly the hearts joined
And blew up in a hot blazing flame of love

Sebby The Poet
All rights reserved
Jakoyo 2017

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Daughter of the soil
Frown not as you struggle to make our pot boil
And weep not when you see me tired,after the day’s toil
Instead put a smile on the face and apply some oil
Perservere the cruel chains of this fateful jail
Where situation is hard with no one to bail
Stick by me,my promise won’t fail

As you hustle through the sacred plains,fetching firewood
This same plain where Ramogi used to get food
Sing some praises to Him who is always good
Smile again and change the ever sad mood
For the rains will soon come and bring food
Stick by me,to you I will always be good

When it rains and I delay out
Just be good as always and please don’t shout
The shouting may send away rains and bring drought
Instead stand by the gate and wait
To you I must come back even if it is late
Stick by me and clear the doubt
I will stick by you day and night

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



Through the hill tops and the warping valleys
By the river banks and and the vast shores
I gasp for a breath and postpone my duties
As i remember the nice sweet stories
Which i whispered into her all time listening ears
The nonesence stories all with emptiness
Though to her meant the whole world all times
An oasis of laughter and broad smiles

As i turned six,strong you stood
Trudging through the heavy thick mud
With a bag on my back,walking by your side
Day in day out on this same road
Taking me to that sweet prison
Where knowledge and morals were injected
Into my young empty skull every season….

Back i came,my shirt full of dirt
You looked at my short,torn into two parts
You remained happy,never worried of that
At time you checked my filthy folded books
Showed me how to do it best
At the end i passed all the tests
Thank you for that pure magnificent heart
This piece is for you,mum you are the best

Here i now stand a responsible man
Believing that all things are possible under the sun
I write this poetic piece with my ever leaking poetic pen
Appreciating all you have done to me since then….
As i bask on this warm soothing sun
I weave my appreciation into words of wisdom
Mum,pick this roses and feel its sweet fragrance
They are all for you,
Appreciation for your tender care

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


The inner feeling in me is beyond red roses
Stirred by immagination,driven by unseen forces
Roses are beautiful,growing by the river banks
Sun is their enemy that makes them to wither
So the feeling in me prevails in all weather
It is beyond red roses that only blossoms in the cold
And wither in the midday sun when needed the most

Deep down in me is a cold burning sensation
That keeps me in motion like the earth’s rotation
The feeling is beyond the scented red roses
It is an illusion that i cant stop feeling its ignition
A sense that rekindles the splint long put off
This must be beyond the fragrant ed roses
For roses wither and fall off as useless rejects

As i stand on this plain of affection
Am set to go,to bring you something special
Something light,but heavy make your heart settle
So please it wont be a rose or something close to it
Roses are beautiful wen young
But an eyesore as they grow old and beauty fades
So i bring you a vibrating unseen force
Receive it and let your heart dance to its tune
May special gift this time will be beyond red roses
For roses will wither and be thrown away
Take this living gift daughter of Ramogi
A gift of true love and affection
That is far beyond red roses

@Sebby-The Poet™
All rights reserved


A song nice to the ears
Is self composing in my thoughts
A song strong to remove fears
And leave you freed
This song will wipe your tears
And leave you delighted
This song, sweet rocking song
I sing to you, listen to it

This sweet soothing song
Let its chorus soften your heart
In its rhyming punchline
Find a rhythm to dance to your fears
Let its lulling rock remove the young ageing wringles
That steal the beauty of your round face
I sing to you a soothing song
Let it lull you and give you solace

I sing to you a melodious stanza
Let its musicality shake your heart hard
And melt that lamp of sadness
Let it sublime to the sapphire skies
And bring back that soft tender you
Which I miss and can’t stop to wish
That this song be an agent of your rejuvination

Tonight I sing to you
In the soft tone of the morning birds
This rocking soothing song
In the pitch of my calm shrieking voice
May you find a soft piece to dry your tears
And smear a lasting smile on your face
Let me see the long missed dimples
Within which the foundain of my laughter dwell

This short stanza I sing to you
Let it collect the shreds of lost hope
And cement it into an oasis of smiles
Let its soothing end be the tune
To which your heart will dance
To celebrate the end of tether
This song I sing to you
Let it be the beginning of your new life

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


The sun has risen
And the birds are awake
I take my harmless sword
Ready to fight for you
Sing for me and praise me
I am the warrior of your being

The sun is on my head
And my shadow is short
But can that make me weak?
No,  more strong I become
I take my bow and stroll
Guarding around the fance
In and out of your vivicinity
Feed me well and smile for me
Make me keep the war till dawn

The wind is blowing
Smoothly northwards and back
The romantic golden colour of the sun
Keeps me live and determined
A warrior fighting for a heart
In a self but devastaitive war

Now the sun has gone to sleep
And the wind isn’t blowing anymore
But I still keep the fight
Fighting from within the walls of this house
Smile for me, show me the dimples
Lull me and let me sleep like a king
I am the warrior guarding your heart
Which I won a couple of days ago

@Sebby-The Poet
All rights reserved


Deep down these cages
Is a spirit silent for ages
Immersed in a sleeping sea
A sea without waves and ripples

In the dry prairie grass
Lies the cold spark
Silenced by strong winter
Cooled by the snow floods
Open your eyes wide
Stare at the dead spark
Give it a reason to glow again

This deaf,dead spark
Sparkling bright but as cold as snow
Can still glow, I certainly know
Stretch your tender finger
Touch the dead spark
Let your feminine figure
Provoke the dormant spirits
And ignite the spark into a flame
Then slowly the spark will burst
Into a hot blazing fire
Of loving again

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved