Life sucks like a siphoning pipe
Situations hard and life unpredictable
With tears all over and no one to wipe
Life mishandles you until you become vulnarable
Regret not but give it a second try
Time is a healer, soon you will enjoy

When small hills look like unbearable mountain
And life seems to have closed its fountain
Looking lost in jungles and lonely plain
Hope is the best thing to maintain
For time heals; time is a healer
Give it time and it will be over

When once sweet life tastes bitter
Bitter than the crushed  lemon water
Trying hard but can’t find anything better
When sadness knocks evicting the laughter
And the silent problems sounds louder
Don’t force a smile to come your way
Give it time and you will be okay

Life is a cycle of laughter and tears
Laughter that bring smile; tears that bring fears
At times you suffer and nobody cares
Some cheering; others jeers
So when you are down persist in prayers
Then give it time you will receive fevours
                Because time is a healer

@Sebby The Poet™
All rights reserved




The elders of Sakwa are upset
Their men have denied them a treat
Don’t you see their tears during the sun set
Rolling down the sacred stones of Seme in regret
Can’t you hear them spitting out flames of hate
In the quietness of the midnight darkness?
The gods of the village are upset
And are warning of the dangers that awaits
Maybe earthquake or something close to that
That will turn the land of the hills into dust
Hurry to the streams before it is late
To the sacred hill where Ramogi always sat
Take the white ram, young and fat
Treat the elders and save us from the wrath



Don’t cry when the sun sinks
Instead harden yourself like a Shepard king
Throw a smile and wave to the sun
For it will sink with all your pain
Face to the west, wave to the sun
In its golden rays is a soothing song

Listen to the noisy whispers of the sinking sun
In it’s warm burn roast yourself
Let it’s magic’s heal your  wounds
The wounds of a whole day of toil
Don’t cry when the sun sinks
Instead dance to it’s fading rocking tunes

In the sinking sun is a word to the world
Treasure the message more than jewels and gold
On it’s golden smiles always embrace and hold
Let it’s warmth hide you from the cold
Don’t cry when the sun sinks
For it is another chance to make a change

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



I kneel at this holy gate weeping
Heaving heavely with sins overwhelming
Dragging me from the gates of life
Taking me to the other side of grief
Where flames of hungry fire are burning
Living everything in ashes,nothing remaining
Then I remember that I am a poet
Let me write a piece as I wait for my fate

Knock! knock! knock!at the heaven’s gate
Using the tip of my overworked poetic pen
Not sure of the outcome but believing it is never late
I put down the piece and knock again
I then remember the art of praying
Which I forgot and concentrated on writing
Writing pieces of poems which always soothed them
Pieces that gave me fame and a big name
So as I sit on a stone at this holy gate
I write to you this piece that carrys a lot

‘Remember not the sins of my youthful life’
Is the theme of my prayer at this place
For I am overwhelmed by tears and grief
It is only in this gate I will find eternal solace
I gasp for a breath and listen keenly
Inside the gate people are singing imensely
Back to my ever leaking poetic pen
I write this cautioning peace to mankind
When the gates will opened
I will throw it through the heaven’s window to the earth
And end my long journey as a poet

Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



                  Life down here is a total mess
            Overwhelmed by the troubles that I face
                  Living the life that never was
        Situation has robbed away my peace
      Hope lost in the far away sapphire skies
           To me hell has already broken loose
I live in the memories of life that was
                  After destroying what I gained for years

                    Am not living a life but a lie
               A question in my skull is but why
          The once soft ground now very dry
       Life so bitter however much I try
At times I go down to my knees to pray
But the haunting memories always carry me away
          Left rigt and centre my head swey
     Memories of better life now gone astray
I am left with nothing but a genuine cry

               I once lived life of great fame
        Money,cars and all that I can’t name
All have blown and is like a dream
A dream of the heavens from which I came
                   I am crippled,infact am lame
        Fame and name turned into shame
                    My candle is now lighting dim

          Life is now a cylce of trouble and confusion
     Burrying me in an oasis of imagination
Living a life with no direction,no vision
So as I stand in this zone of frustration
                  I make a genuine and lifetime confesion
      I am living borrowed life of frustration
   Because I drunk the better life.      worth living

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



Nature is a great riddle
Who will get it right?
To me is a tricky puzzle
Can’t solve it alone
But just to believe what is said
So I won’t question much

Beyond this beautiful beauty
The beauty of blue sapphire skies
Is there another undying beauty?
That my eyes are hidden from seeing?
What is beyond this horizon?

Every day is a new day
Yet the horizon is ever the same
Always keeping the undying spirit
New and younger than yesterday
What magic is beyond this horizon
Which always breath life to us

Beyond this horizon
That gives life it’s new look
The horizon that smiles light to the world
Beyond it must be the new land
Which my legs yearns to step on

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


Toiling from dawn to dusk
Cutting the grass,turning the soil
Till our feet are full of dust
Makes our pot to boil
As it was,as it will
Life is a hustle without rehersal

Early in the chilly morning
Up on the task,blankets thrown away
Throughout the busy day yawning
Struggling to make the day
As it was,as it will
Life is all a struggle untill the last breath

Braving the morning cold
Daring the evening darkness
We always stand out bold
Since when young till you grow old
Struggling to fill this endless pit-stomac
As it was,as it will
Hustle stops when you die

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


Stand out in the night
And close your eyes tight
Feel the showers of the moonlight
Look up with with the closed eyes
Maintain the look, keep the guess
In the shining moonlight
Is the laughter to your eyesight

Like the stars,dare the moon
Brave the midnight cold
Let your skin glow bright
Look at the stars
Count your blessings
Under the moon lies your joy
The maiden of ages, to heal your sores

Smile at the moon,h
Jeer the sleeping sun
Face the moon until you feel it’s burn
In its rays is the romantic sensation
To quench your thirst of the great longings
Close your eyes, whisper to the moon
In its light lies your fortune

Laugh at the sun,one that brings pain
Of the whole day burn, as we toil to earn
Smile at the moon, clear off that frawn
In its romantic light all is fine
Face the moon with the closed eyes
Feel its cold burning sensation
And sleep tight after the whole day of toil
In the moon we heal from the sun’s pains

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


Side by side
The slim body swey
All I see is a thrilling shape
As the whole body bend
Head facing down and kissing the soil
A beauty within
    Worth to watch everyday

In the smooth turbulence free wind
The buds open and wink at me
All pink with fragrant scent
My nose is forever glued to it
The internal beauty
Seen from within
   Worth to watch everyday

From a distance I feel your scent
All natural but worth to feel
And wish I would have the powers to seal
That beauty to myself
This is a natural beauty
   Worth to watch everyday

Curious I extend my hand
To touch the beauty of the blossomed bud
All I feel is a fine smooth tenderness
Between my always rough fingers
The pink colour of the buds
Colours my morning bright
Ohh… I will pluck off the whole flower
With its strong but tender stalk
On my tie I will pin the flower
This naturally beautiful flower
    The beauty worth to watch everyday

@Sebby-The Poet™
All rights reserved


This calm soft wind
Blowing North-East
The wind that sways the trees
Wind blowing without rest
Trust the wind
It is carrying my word

Early in the morning
The birds are singing
A melody of hope and joy
In a tone that curses fighting
And ridicules corruption
Trust the blowing wind
It has a poetic say

This calm wind blowing here
Also blows in the South
But there it is strong to cause fear
Because of the weight of its message
Lay your trust upon it
Listen to its hissing sound
Feel its nice waves
This is the poetic wind
Preaching peace to the world

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved