Dear sons of the soil,
The soil black as the Lybian oil,
The land of no laziness but toil,
The land where Nangabo himself hail
Your son is coming back from jail

It is December again my people,
Clean that place near grandmother’s ruins,
Our usual meeting place I mean,
The same spot we shade our blood to the ancestors,
As we dared the talented African “surgeons”
The spot where our foreskins dropped
As a sign of unity with the fore fathers
Am coming to collect the memories long lost

Visit Khainga the village brewer,
Tell him to ferment some maize and millet flour,
Remember we brew not because we are rich
But it is good for kinsmen to do so
Tell Nyangweso to be in charge of the meals
To roast the meat and add some “aliya”
Am coming we quench the long time thirst
As i clear the tearges smoke from my throat

It is December again kinsmen
Lets gather under the moon light
Irrigating out throats..
Let the kinsmen drink and bite
Let us dance to the tunes,
Of the sweet “Isukuti” beats
As we celebrate your son’s come back
From the ‘jail’ of Nairobi
Where teargas is the air we breath
Let us merry…it is December kinsmen

Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved

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From a distance beyond this horizon
The wind bends the tress as they sway
The ground around cracks, the sand is blown
I raise my eyes to the blue sapphire sky
There stands the beauty I had never seen

From a distance by the river bank
Beyond this ridge and valley landscape
My breath stopped and the mind sunk
As I felt the romance in this gap
As the waves simultaneously bulged and shrunk
From a distance I felt the romance of the sun
In nature’s love I was drunk

Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



Early in the morning the moon sleeps
And the sun rules over with red lips
Inside this nest like house
Sleeps the son, full of thousand thoughts
Thoughts of unpredictable tomorrow
The day that always comes with it’s sorrows
Before dawn…. The sun positively things
He will once realize the thousand dreams

The sun shines bright spreading it’s laughter
The dwindling dew melts and escapes
The birds singing magical songs louder
Awakening the already lost hopes
In this hollowed house where the rays fall brighter
The son believes that one day before dawn
He will receive his crown

It is midday and the sun shines brighter
The son toils under the scorching sun
Breaking rocks by the river banks
The waves and tides giving him solace
Then slowly the hopes grows
That before dawn… The pains will bring gains

Late in the evening the sun sleeps
And the moon brings the soothing solace
In this ‘mansion’ the rays shine brighter
Rekindling the glowing spark of hope
Hoping that before dawn
His fortune will knock.

@Sebby _The Poet™
All rights reserved


Am a distant pedestrian
In this unpredictable hide and seek game
Am thet pedestrian walking through the valleys and hills
Along this meandering road of all odds
Where no skills are required but only perserverance
Perserverance that is now a vague vocublary to me
Vague and infact a total mirage
In this race i wont take part again
So let me be a distant pedestrian
Waching the race from the other side of the road

Am that silent pedestrian
Who quited the race before it got worse
When i realized my heart was almost bleeding
I couldnt withstand the potholes of this road
Where injustice was my daily dose
The waves of this path hit me heard always
Till my heart almost froze
I chose to quit this competitive race
Let me be a pedestrian and watch without stress

My competitor in this race was a beast
To me she never thought of anything best
Pushing me to the sides of the road with an iron fist
She made me look like a cursed outcast
Then i made a long lasting choice at last
In the race of love i will be a pedestrian
Watching the overspeeding racers from the roadside



Behind this plastic smile on the face
The smile that brings false happiness
Which engulfs the happy sorrowful face
Is a large lamp of untold bitterness
Held tight by strong unseen force
Bitterness that betrays the heart’s tenderness

Behind this forced smile you see
Is a pool of tears just like a surging sea
Unnoticed tears of a genuine plea
Plea of deliverance from vultures’ spree
Will this cry be heard and set us free?

Within this false smile are sore scars
That itches the heart breeding unseen tears
Pains of decades behind this cruel bars
Separated from the light of sweet romantic stars
Behind this smile is a genuine cry,but who cares
In this pains the hearts bleeds and tears

Behind this broad smile is a pool of pain
Pain of years with nobody to care
In the curtains of smile I hide the pain
For the cry has had nothing better to bear
Deep within the heart is plain pain
Pain of Africans on freedom chain,
With no hopes of redemption from vulture like kings
Behind this false smile is untold pain
Of the native aliens

Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


Tracy is feeling weak
Since last week
I guess she is sick
Though i cant risk
To go to her and ask
If she is sick
I cant give her tablets
Because i am afraid
She might have done it again

Like the other time
Her legs are swelling
she doesnt like eating
She is ever vomiting
And ever fattening
She is not walking
She prefers sitting
When others are working
She has abruptly become brown
With her belly ever swelling
I am afraid she has done it again

The first time you did it
You were barely eighteen
At a very tender age
You brought a grandson to us
I remember you almost died
Because you were still young
And i thought you could learn a lesson
From the pain you endured
I lack what to say
When i see you eating soil again
Putting on an oversize dress
You have probaby done it again

Tracy my sister
You have burried my dignity
Doing it twice while still in school
This time am very unhappy
You know doing it made Lexy drop out of school
It made Eve give up her dream
And Sally almost died
When she tried to do premature birth
Through induced medical action
In the name of abortion
On you i have lost trust
I will just treat you like the rest
Why have you done it again!

Many have suffered
Because of doing it
You Tracy included
Look now you dropped out of school
You have lost your dignity
To us you have brought a burden
Of caring for two children
Because of early pregnancies
The rest please hear my cry
I am actually pleading
Lets avoid them because we can
untill it is the right time
Let us not do it again!

All rights reserved
@Sebby-The Poet™


Remove yourself from the mud son
Strengthen yourself and move own
Through the mud make a way to destiny
Make your bridge,get yourself from this mess
Keep strong and move one more step
It is too early for you to lose hope

Open your eyes and see the beauty of nature
Build confidence and live to your future
Count not your failures of the past
Rise up afresh and move on like a soldier
Worry not of your today but focus on tomorrow
No one knows what tomorrow holds for us

Dry your tears and feel happy again
Be confident and get out of your fears
Quench your lifetime thirst with your tears
Allow not your heart to age and tear
Stage un ending battle with the life
Face it strong for it is a fierce fore
Fight hard just as others did before

Pull yourself from the shadows of death
Like a soldier retreat not until you liberate yourself
Make a vow of self liberation
Hustle through and get out of this darkness
Fear not the present,focus on future
Have hope for at the end of tunnel is light

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved

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Just like the water lillies
Growing by the river banks
Like the rose braving the thorns
Make me feel my worth
For i am a pracious stone
I dont deserve that treatment
So choose me or lose me
You have the choices with you

Am that glittering gemstone
That can illuminate and bring light in darkness
A blossoming flower that deserve greator tenderness
Make my worth be felt once more
Revive my reputation and remould me
Choose me or lose me
You have the choices with you

The morning glitters i always woke up to
Is now the bitter portion i live with
Burry your ego and save me from trouble
Let me feel the worth i have always preserved
Choose me or lose me
You have the choices with you

Stop robbing my morning peace
Let me be at peace and breath with ease
This is the last time i make such a wish
And so i give you options to choose
Choose me or lose me
I won’t regret the choice you make
@Sebby-The Poet™
All rights reserved