Oyatsi my only son,
The one I named after chief Odera
You are approaching your thirtieth season
Your chin is rough enough
To be called a man, to man a family
And sire an heir to your kingdom.
So listen, and listen with an inner ear.

Don’t marry a woman for beauty
The beauty fades like a cut water lily
Marry not by looking at her hinds
Don’t be deceived by the weight above her legs
Don’t be blinded by the ridge and valley “landscape”
Marrying for that is being silly
Marry a woman of substance.

Oyatsi my only son,
You know we, Jok’Okwiri are choosy
Don’t marry from K’Opere clan
Women from that clan are lazy
A good example is Nyoremo the clown
Spreading rumors daily, ever busy
So my son before you decide to marry
Get a lady who is worth your clan

Oyatsi the pride of my manhood
The first son of my Mikayi-first wife
I beg please do me good
Choose a woman full of life
Don’t bring the bow-legged mouthy woman
Light skinned with red lips like fresh wounds
She will cause you ulcers for no reason
She will fall prey for the hungry Jok’Okwiri vultures
And bring incurable Chira in our clan
Bring a dark, daughter of the soil
A woman who will give birth to a twenty kids
To be named after all our departed heroes.

Oyatsi, son of Nyaimbo
Be a wise man and listen once
When you marry don’t count pieces of meat
In your wife’s cooking pot
Your wife will run away my son
You will die misumba-bachelor like Obong’o
You know the consequences of that my son
Treat your wife like a queen
You will be the happiest king my son

©Ayieko Jakoyo
A Poet and a novelits



Rumours has it that I Rateng’ Wuod Mireri
The grandson of Otoyo Rabuor
The true legend of our Kaliech village
The third son of the fourth wife…….
Rumours has it that am marrying Nyadondi
The brown village clown
With pliers like limbs
Rumours has it……….

Rumours has it that I am paying her dowry
That I bought her father a patila of local brew
Ignore it please it isn’t true
In fact I am not in a hurry
To marry the brown village clown
Ignore the rumours spreading like flu

Rumours has it
That she was seen near my simba-cottage
Weeding the flourishing flowers at noon
They say am marrying her very soon
That soon before noon she will be the next of keen
Ignore the rumour, I won’t marry soon

Hasn’t it been rumoured that her sacred plot
Is the playing ground for open tournaments?
Hosting both home and away matches?
Friendlies and competition games?
Ignore the rumours spreading like summer forest fire
That I Rateng’ wuod Nyar Alego
Is marrying a mother of three.

© 8th May, 2018
Ayieko Jakoyo



Beauty of the land
To whom I will never lay a hand
Or make you sad
Listen I plead
When you come to my homestead
Don't paint your lips red
So that they look like blood
For they will make me scared
Instead apply a simple balm
The one you apply on your palm

When you visit my mother
Don't put on a tight trouser
Please don't ware a short
Instead put on a skirt
It will make me happy in heart
I know mum will like it
So please just do that

Listen I plead
That when we go out
Don't use heavy make up
They will make me sick
For I am allergic to it
The allergic reaction is terrific
I can't resist
Instead apply vaseline on your face
It will still glitter ad in the first case

When we go for dinner
Don't go for manicure
For it is not safe am sure
Instead trim your nails short
And scrub them to look bright
Short nails are the best
Long nails make me lose appetite

Listen I plead
That on our wedding
Please don't ware high heels
So that you look taller than me
I wont be able to reach your lips
Instead ware flat shoes
So that you keep your shape
You wont feel tired when you sleep

@Sebby_The Poet


Let’s face west
Where the sun sets
And feel the evening light
Which shines bright
And discriminates not
For all are entitled to it
Whether tall or short
With a coat or a shirt

Lets face west
Where everything looks best
And a lot has worked out
Then present our quest
For justice in our court
And be ready to fight
For the peace that we need most
Am sure we will get
All we need at no cost

My fellow elites
Lets face west
Every time we rest
And present our request
Of the Kenya we want
Where we will have equality
And justice rule the land
For we are all patriots

I am facing west
Holding a long list
Of the things I want Kenya to get
Before it is late
Indeed am facing west
As I instil this great sense
To my audacious audience
Hoping it will have an influence
Enable us to shun violence
And always seek guidance
Before resolving to protests
Let us face west

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Peter has showered in River Jordan
That is why he is talking rudely to Ken
We have tried to control him but in vain
We have even used a cane
But he feels nothing like pain
He must have showered in River Jordan
With a lot of bottles of Kenya cane

If Peter has not showered
Why is he feeling tired
Why is still outside
Why is he not bothered
With is habit that is awkward
Why is he talking with pride
To someone who gives him a ride
He must have showered

I believe Peter has been showering
That is why he is shivering
Look at how he is walking
The walking style has changed to staggering
Look now he is vomiting
A sign of excessive showering
In river Jordan without eating

After showering Peter looks childish
He is now speaking English
Saying nothing but only rubbish
To him showering is a duty
And I really feel pity
For a friend who is naughty
And prefer drinking Kenya cane
What I call showering in river Jordan

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No,not today
I have decide
Not to write any poem about love
Let me try and look different
By writing something different
That catch different people differently
And get different touch of my poetry
The 21st century poetry

I know love is paramount
It can even move a mount
Love actually runs the world
And removes cold
From the cold ridden people
But I decide not
To write about it today
So that I look different
And catch those people
Who have “divorces” from it
And are feeling nothing like love

Today I won’t write about love
I also won’t write about those I was with in love
I know how sweet it feels to love
But because I am deviating from it
Please not today
I won’t write about love dear friends

Let me write about other global issues
Maybe hunger or famine
Global warming or climate change
Aridity or water shortage
Ebola or food deficiency
Insecurity or religious bigotry
Hope readers will still enjoy
So that I evade from usual story
No,of course not today



This is a family affair
Please get me clear
Dont put it on air
For everyone to share
For it is unfair
I beg you my dear

My wife
There are many issues in life
As long as you are still alive
Some are as sharp as a knife
While others are worth to laugh
Don’t wait until things get tough
Lets solve am willing enough

Family affairs are critical
We can’t solve them on a call
Wait until I come home
We sit in our grass-thatched house
And solve them once

Mother of my children
I beg you once again
That in our family affairs
Please don’t involve Nyakisumo
Be patient enough
Until I come home
We solve it once and for all

Daughter of Ramogi
I beg you once more
Don’t tell our affairs to neighbours
They are as dangerous as scavengers
Keep our affairs as a secret
Try and make them sacred
And only tell them to me

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  1. By this same spot

I met a thief at the coast

Under the coconut tree she rest

And looked innocent like a guest

She begged me to sit

Near her traditionally woven busket

So I sat near her busket


The thief looked into my eyes

And gave broad  charming smile

That made my mind travel miles

This resulted to a hidden feeling

That resulted to a great obsession

As I made a keen observation

About this thief bringing Confusion

She caught me without hesitation


The thief was cute

She hate nothing to hate

She gave me a coconut fruit

Thought I couldn’t eat

For I didn’t know my fate

Though I couldnt hesitate


To take that humble gift


The thief stretched hand hand

And touched my filthy hand

I felt a great sansation

That drove away hesitation

And brought a hidden obsession

Resulting from the sweet feeling

Which to me brought a healing

So I gave myself to the thief



My heart started glowing

As the sea water went on flowing

With a swift breeze blowing

Mixed with the smiles that we’re charming

So I couldn’t hesitate

To develop the trust

To the person I feared at first

So the thief did her work

She stole my heart

And made us to be part


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He wakes up every morning

Very sure of winning

So he starts struggling

To get a penny for betting

To him gambling is everything

That is where he earns a living


He is always indoor

Following every score

Hoping his money will grow

He at times loses because of a draw

But always determined as before


The gambler never quits the game

Hoping he will once gain fame

When he wins a jackpot

Or even a multibet

So his work is to bet


To him gambling is everying

He prefers it to eating

Though loses are paining

He has never thought of quiting

He thinks of nothing but winning


Gambling is a calling

That requires little training

So as to know which team is winning

And avoid losing

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