If I must die in this war
With my heartless enemy spraying the bullets
On my young innocent chest
Let me die the last.. And don’t kill by bullet
Kill me last when you are tired

If I must die in the line of duty
Don’t kill me in the broad daylight
So that I don’t curse the young generation
Soldiers don’t die in the afternoon
Kill me in a chilly morning
Let me rest with the melodious songs of birds
Kill me last when my body is still numb

If I can’t survive in this fight
If am counted to die in your filthy palms
All in the line of this precious calling
Kill me last after liberation
Let me die when the generation is smilling
Proud of the second liberation that I brought
Kill me last after peace has prevailed

If I must die…
If I must die in this peace keeping mission
Kill me during the rainy season
For the rain will wash away my footprints
And if you insist I must die
Kill me with the last bullet
Then hang your boots and rest
Kill me last.. After I accomplish the mission

Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved
© Jakoyo_2018




The sun has gone to sleep
And the moon reigns in humility
From above the stars peep
Ruling over the caged humanity
In me the midnight thoughts sink deep
Thoughts of humans robbed of ability
An empire with the king a sleep
And subjects tortured in cruelty

Thoughts of the once peaceful plain
The valleys of life and streams of hope
Whose incessant voice is now a pool of pain
Every sweet moments seem to have lost grip
An empire that sacrifices but has nothing to gain
No one to rickindle in us the lost hope
All the liberation efforts gone in vain

The skull aches with thousand thoughts
Thoughts that robes the patriots a sleep
Bringing thousands of midnight doubts
The moon is giving us the false hope
For the day is rulled with un numbered gunshots
Innocents send six feets deep
The once white empire painted red
These thoughts… Are blisfull midnight thoughts

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved

@Sebby The Poet™
All rights reserved
© Jakoyo_2017



Trim this unbecoming personality
Revive that lost sweet sense of sanity
Hull me out of this den of iniquity
Teach me,direct me to the real reality
Let me live to the best of my ability
And change this vulture like society
Where insanity rules over humanity

Instill in me the wisdom of a child
Of loving all even the veteran enemy
Wisdom of laughing even when hated by the world
Seeing all the problems as just being petty
Grow in me the blossoming seed of love of the child
Love that discriminate not and unite the world
A sense of forgiveness is my daily prayer
Instill it in me,let me soar higher

Pull out the jealous spirit in me
The spirit that values ethnicity that unity
Rekindle the lost love in me
Love that brings together a strong nation
Where peace is the daily phrase
And love is the most common quote
Smash this fight prone dirty heart
That courses brothers and sisters to fight
Draw me from the dark darkness,lead me to that light
Plunge in me a pure magnificent heart
Unity is what I would like to see in my sight

I  am that third world nation
Where the previous calmness has turned into confusion
Where peace has been buried in the far yonder
Like a deadly spirit,citizens left to wander
Running to our neighbors living with frustration
Peace stolen by the warmongers
As a nation  I go down to make a prayer
FATHER restore the peace that we lost to the fighters

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


I am at war with the world
Seeing unexpected happen
Receiving the bitter lemons
When passions were to be my portion
Paying for someone’s “sins”
Holding genuine tears
Of a true African warrior
I hold my breath and look at the blue sky
The nature is taking its course

The world isn’t mine
Is the daily phrase by my brothers
It may be true…fine
But who then owns the world
When every moment is a total mess
Innocents tied on lifetime chains
With no well wishers to bail
I hold my breath and look at the blue sky
The nature is taking its course

The sea is quarrelling
And the clouds are weeping
Showing great pity
Filled with endless mercy
Which has escaped human beings
Nation rising against nation
Leaving all in confusion
I hold my breath and look at the blue sky
The nature is taking its course

I am an alien in this land
Gone far away to my neighbours
To breath clean,fresh air
Air in my land is contaminated
By the instruments of hate
Under this tree I pity my land
Hopeless I hold my breath
And look at the blue sky
Hoping tomorrow we will smile

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


Schools,hospitals and shops
That we had in plenty
Are hulled down
Into dark-sooty ashes
Though a voice urges that be hopeful
But I still question
Who will own tomorrow?

Tomorrow isn’t mine
For the granaries are down
Hit by great force
Of self-made nuclear weapon
And a voice urges that we be hopeful
But I still question
Who will own tomorrow

Here stands a ‘heavy’ mother
In the caves dug by missiles
Within her an innocent life suffer
Paying for the uncommitted ‘sins’
And we are urged to be hopeful
But I still question
Who will own tomorrow?

In a cave in the near far
A voice of grief calls for help
Is a young innocent child
Receiving the bitter portion
Of the inhuman nature
So I leave with my hand stretched
To reach and save a life
But I still question
Who will own tomorrow
When seeing another down is a mystery

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


Here is a new season
To try our luck again
Let’s rise in unison
Our efforts will bring gain
Rise up for the new season
Fight hard to end the pain

Let’s join for a reason
Forget our past and work on
Laziness is like treason
Punishment will befall us all
Wake up,clear the bushes and burn
United we can’t fall
Let’s go out, hands on
I plead, head to this call

Brave the morning cold
Harden yourself for the season
Get out,search for “Gold”
Only rest when done
Hands on,work extra hard
For this is a new season

Hands on,brave the scotching sun
Go ahead and sow the seed
Very soon it will rain
Come back,remove the weed
When done,go back to bed
And wait to fill the stores
Then merry and have fun
After having conquered famine

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


When dew still glitter
And shine bright like diamonds
Reflecting sun rays brighter
Let us unite into strong bonds
To make our future brighter
Lets go and turn down the soils
And restore our lost laughter

Lets go down the hill
Everyone with a hoe
And turn down the soil with zeal
Let the hoe be our bow
Lets wake up when the air is still
And declare un-ending war
Lets go out and kill
And suffocate our glaring foe

From plain to plain
Down the slope and on flat land
Let us endure the pain
Dig the farms and plant
Let us keep the foe at bay
Before we are forced to pay
For our own lack of plan
Lets send the foe away
Then sit down and enjoy
Carry your hoe, lets go brother

Lets brave the chilly morning
Take slates and keep going
This is a war to keep fighting
Until we conquer the glaring foe
Take the panga and a hoe
Go to the farms by the streams
Plant cassava and sorghum
Lets wake up when dew still glitter
And ‘chase’ famine away

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved


Ten years on duty
On toes day and night
A whole decade of pity
Surrounding the maiden city
We always tighten our belts
No more hope for tomorrow
But still ready and steady
No sleep
Until we accomplish the duty

Paah!! Paah!! Paah!!
The boots roll on plains
Everyone is alert
Our mission is to end the pains
Once we conquer the slain foe
Ten years of Boom!! Boom!!
Children crying
Women suffering most
But we made a vow
Never to show them our backs
Until we see them straight on the ground

Their belts are loosening
Their boots are now slippery
The ten years have weakened them
Their ringleaders have already flown
To take a swift breathe elsewhere
This atmosphere was suffocating them
Soon the remnants will bow down
They will raise up their arms
With their heads down
They will vacate the town

The signs are clearly showing
The rainbow above has brought victory
To mark the end of era
The foe will soon kneel
Then I will down my bow
Quench my thirst will my sweat
I will bid goodbye to fellow group men
Go far away,to my native land
Court my girl and wed
Then I will sit by the fire
And wait to grow old
After keeping my vow

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved