Rabuor the village cock
Your behaviour is now wanting
You are now the village talk
From the hills down to the spring
What you did yesternight was a shock
That left the villagers asking
Who has bewitched Rabuor?

Rabuor the village gardener
The seed you planted in Awino’s virgin plot
Is now germinating
It is growing despite the prolonged drought
Soon it will require prunning
The other neighbour has fenced his plot
To prevent the village cock from trespassing
Who has bewitched Rabuor?

I have heard you are targeting Awinja’s land
That land in the cool valley
The smooth land devoid of sand
You are planning to plant there the barley
As you plan to grab the neighbour’s virgin land

Rabuor the village cock
When you craws the villagers fences their lands
The chief has heard the victims’ plea
And he is now baying for your blood
The village cock….fly to the land in the yonder
Before you become the vultures celebration
Who has bewitched Rabuor?

N/B.. The Name Rabuor is not refering to anyone in particular
           I just used it to pass the intended message
@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved

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Natella the true African woman,
The beauty of the morning sun,
The silky hair that always shine,
When around me all is fine,
Lucky me for you are mine…

Natella the chief’s daughter,
The gap between the teeth brings laughter,
Turns sweet what was bitter,
Your voice sweeter than a guiter,
Its silent noise makes me better,
Natella the chief’s daughter,
You make my future brighter…

Put on the shiny dera,
The birthday gift you got from Vera,
Stand still infront of the mirror,
Let me view the curved figure,
The figure that gives me vigour,
To work hard… this summer,
To maintain it Natella…

The beauty of the mountains,
Feel proud for this is your day,
Show the dimples,deeper than fountains,
Feel the air turbulance like a fly,
I am taking you to our plains,
To be your new home…I say.

@Sebby_The Poet
All rights reserved

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The sun has gone to sleep
And the moon reigns in humility
From above the stars peep
Ruling over the caged humanity
In me the midnight thoughts sink deep
Thoughts of humans robbed of ability
An empire with the king a sleep
And subjects tortured in cruelty

Thoughts of the once peaceful plain
The valleys of life and streams of hope
Whose incessant voice is now a pool of pain
Every sweet moments seem to have lost grip
An empire that sacrifices but has nothing to gain
No one to rickindle in us the lost hope
All the liberation efforts gone in vain

The skull aches with thousand thoughts
Thoughts that robes the patriots a sleep
Bringing thousands of midnight doubts
The moon is giving us the false hope
For the day is rulled with un numbered gunshots
Innocents send six feets deep
The once white empire painted red
These thoughts… Are blisfull midnight thoughts

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved

@Sebby The Poet™
All rights reserved
© Jakoyo_2017



From a distance beyond this horizon
The wind bends the tress as they sway
The ground around cracks, the sand is blown
I raise my eyes to the blue sapphire sky
There stands the beauty I had never seen

From a distance by the river bank
Beyond this ridge and valley landscape
My breath stopped and the mind sunk
As I felt the romance in this gap
As the waves simultaneously bulged and shrunk
From a distance I felt the romance of the sun
In nature’s love I was drunk

Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


At that untold junction
Joining the two fithy,dusty paths
Bathed by the long traditional ‘osinde’grass
That kissed the ground with their long tongues
The grass whose dew washed our feet
At that junction….
My silent whispers irritated the ears

At that junction in the woods
That joined the paths to our earthly heaven
The junction that knew no hate nor jealous
My long blinded eyes for once saw
They saw the misteries that nature hided in secracy
At that junction in the woods
The heart opened as the eyes witnessed
The natural forces pulling two beings together
Then slowly the hearts joined
And blew up in a hot blazing flame of love

Sebby The Poet
All rights reserved
Jakoyo 2017

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Life sucks like a siphoning pipe
Situations hard and life unpredictable
With tears all over and no one to wipe
Life mishandles you until you become vulnarable
Regret not but give it a second try
Time is a healer, soon you will enjoy

When small hills look like unbearable mountain
And life seems to have closed its fountain
Looking lost in jungles and lonely plain
Hope is the best thing to maintain
For time heals; time is a healer
Give it time and it will be over

When once sweet life tastes bitter
Bitter than the crushed  lemon water
Trying hard but can’t find anything better
When sadness knocks evicting the laughter
And the silent problems sounds louder
Don’t force a smile to come your way
Give it time and you will be okay

Life is a cycle of laughter and tears
Laughter that bring smile; tears that bring fears
At times you suffer and nobody cares
Some cheering; others jeers
So when you are down persist in prayers
Then give it time you will receive fevours
                Because time is a healer

@Sebby The Poet™
All rights reserved



The elders of Sakwa are upset
Their men have denied them a treat
Don’t you see their tears during the sun set
Rolling down the sacred stones of Seme in regret
Can’t you hear them spitting out flames of hate
In the quietness of the midnight darkness?
The gods of the village are upset
And are warning of the dangers that awaits
Maybe earthquake or something close to that
That will turn the land of the hills into dust
Hurry to the streams before it is late
To the sacred hill where Ramogi always sat
Take the white ram, young and fat
Treat the elders and save us from the wrath



Don’t cry when the sun sinks
Instead harden yourself like a Shepard king
Throw a smile and wave to the sun
For it will sink with all your pain
Face to the west, wave to the sun
In its golden rays is a soothing song

Listen to the noisy whispers of the sinking sun
In it’s warm burn roast yourself
Let it’s magic’s heal your  wounds
The wounds of a whole day of toil
Don’t cry when the sun sinks
Instead dance to it’s fading rocking tunes

In the sinking sun is a word to the world
Treasure the message more than jewels and gold
On it’s golden smiles always embrace and hold
Let it’s warmth hide you from the cold
Don’t cry when the sun sinks
For it is another chance to make a change

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



Early in the morning the moon sleeps
And the sun rules over with red lips
Inside this nest like house
Sleeps the son, full of thousand thoughts
Thoughts of unpredictable tomorrow
The day that always comes with it’s sorrows
Before dawn…. The sun positively things
He will once realize the thousand dreams

The sun shines bright spreading it’s laughter
The dwindling dew melts and escapes
The birds singing magical songs louder
Awakening the already lost hopes
In this hollowed house where the rays fall brighter
The son believes that one day before dawn
He will receive his crown

It is midday and the sun shines brighter
The son toils under the scorching sun
Breaking rocks by the river banks
The waves and tides giving him solace
Then slowly the hopes grows
That before dawn… The pains will bring gains

Late in the evening the sun sleeps
And the moon brings the soothing solace
In this ‘mansion’ the rays shine brighter
Rekindling the glowing spark of hope
Hoping that before dawn
His fortune will knock.

@Sebby _The Poet™
All rights reserved


Am a distant pedestrian
In this unpredictable hide and seek game
Am thet pedestrian walking through the valleys and hills
Along this meandering road of all odds
Where no skills are required but only perserverance
Perserverance that is now a vague vocublary to me
Vague and infact a total mirage
In this race i wont take part again
So let me be a distant pedestrian
Waching the race from the other side of the road

Am that silent pedestrian
Who quited the race before it got worse
When i realized my heart was almost bleeding
I couldnt withstand the potholes of this road
Where injustice was my daily dose
The waves of this path hit me heard always
Till my heart almost froze
I chose to quit this competitive race
Let me be a pedestrian and watch without stress

My competitor in this race was a beast
To me she never thought of anything best
Pushing me to the sides of the road with an iron fist
She made me look like a cursed outcast
Then i made a long lasting choice at last
In the race of love i will be a pedestrian
Watching the overspeeding racers from the roadside