Life down here is a total mess
            Overwhelmed by the troubles that I face
                  Living the life that never was
        Situation has robbed away my peace
      Hope lost in the far away sapphire skies
           To me hell has already broken loose
I live in the memories of life that was
                  After destroying what I gained for years

                    Am not living a life but a lie
               A question in my skull is but why
          The once soft ground now very dry
       Life so bitter however much I try
At times I go down to my knees to pray
But the haunting memories always carry me away
          Left rigt and centre my head swey
     Memories of better life now gone astray
I am left with nothing but a genuine cry

               I once lived life of great fame
        Money,cars and all that I can’t name
All have blown and is like a dream
A dream of the heavens from which I came
                   I am crippled,infact am lame
        Fame and name turned into shame
                    My candle is now lighting dim

          Life is now a cylce of trouble and confusion
     Burrying me in an oasis of imagination
Living a life with no direction,no vision
So as I stand in this zone of frustration
                  I make a genuine and lifetime confesion
      I am living borrowed life of frustration
   Because I drunk the better life.      worth living

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved




Through the hill tops and the warping valleys
By the river banks and and the vast shores
I gasp for a breath and postpone my duties
As i remember the nice sweet stories
Which i whispered into her all time listening ears
The nonesence stories all with emptiness
Though to her meant the whole world all times
An oasis of laughter and broad smiles

As i turned six,strong you stood
Trudging through the heavy thick mud
With a bag on my back,walking by your side
Day in day out on this same road
Taking me to that sweet prison
Where knowledge and morals were injected
Into my young empty skull every season….

Back i came,my shirt full of dirt
You looked at my short,torn into two parts
You remained happy,never worried of that
At time you checked my filthy folded books
Showed me how to do it best
At the end i passed all the tests
Thank you for that pure magnificent heart
This piece is for you,mum you are the best

Here i now stand a responsible man
Believing that all things are possible under the sun
I write this poetic piece with my ever leaking poetic pen
Appreciating all you have done to me since then….
As i bask on this warm soothing sun
I weave my appreciation into words of wisdom
Mum,pick this roses and feel its sweet fragrance
They are all for you,
Appreciation for your tender care

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


I cant really assertain
If this is my real identity
Because i fail to certify
I guess i lost my sanity
Why am I so different?
Is it that i cant trace my originality
No, this must be a mistaken identity

Me of all of them
Happen to be different in all ways
In this planet where everyone is for fame
I am the only pushing for justice always
My equals claim that to them i bring shame
Because i am not with them in that game
I am for those who dont have a say
They are for fame and name
So we aren’t the same
They are mistaking my identity

I am an alienated being
Can’t trace myself in this society
Where fame and name is the major thing
The sane are now drunk in insanity
Show where is the animal,where is the human being
In this vulture flooded society
Despite this i stand tall and say no to all odds…..
What makes them doubt my sanity
Brother..this is my true identity,mistake it not
Justice i preach,I will retreat not

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


Tracy is feeling weak
Since last week
I guess she is sick
Though i cant risk
To go to her and ask
If she is sick
I cant give her tablets
Because i am afraid
She might have done it again

Like the other time
Her legs are swelling
she doesnt like eating
She is ever vomiting
And ever fattening
She is not walking
She prefers sitting
When others are working
She has abruptly become brown
With her belly ever swelling
I am afraid she has done it again

The first time you did it
You were barely eighteen
At a very tender age
You brought a grandson to us
I remember you almost died
Because you were still young
And i thought you could learn a lesson
From the pain you endured
I lack what to say
When i see you eating soil again
Putting on an oversize dress
You have probaby done it again

Tracy my sister
You have burried my dignity
Doing it twice while still in school
This time am very unhappy
You know doing it made Lexy drop out of school
It made Eve give up her dream
And Sally almost died
When she tried to do premature birth
Through induced medical action
In the name of abortion
On you i have lost trust
I will just treat you like the rest
Why have you done it again!

Many have suffered
Because of doing it
You Tracy included
Look now you dropped out of school
You have lost your dignity
To us you have brought a burden
Of caring for two children
Because of early pregnancies
The rest please hear my cry
I am actually pleading
Lets avoid them because we can
untill it is the right time
Let us not do it again!

All rights reserved
@Sebby-The Poet™



Here am to stay,from dawn to dawn
Braving the sturbbon cold of the season
Dreading the magics of the unpredictable nights
Sorrounded by all odds of the night
Where the land,silent as the matyrs grave
But still i like this golden precious job
For it puts a plate of ugali on my table
Where i eat like a king in my own jungle
Am here to stay

All through the night,am always awake
Watching the undying beauty of nature
The beautiful stars and the charming moon
Their light heals me from the pains of the day
As i watch over my master’s ‘gold mines’
The moon watches over me
Giving me a doubted sense of security
In this dreading night,full of all odds
But a question stirs in my mind
Who is watching over my home?

Late in the sweet dreadful night
Am stolen by Mr sleep and taken to slumber land
Where a dream of fantasy runs through my mind
As i count “my wealth” which am watching over
I call my sons in this sweet royal dream
And share out my riches!
Before the dream is cut short by the masters vehicle
Vuuuuuuuum! Vuuuuuuuuuum!
What! I wake up the poor watchman again!

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserve



The mind is at crossroads
Tied by chains of imagination
Inside this hot blazing skull
Is a cold thick cloud of thoughts
Thoughts of the long gone days
Days of the long buried moments

Age is a limiting factor
That robs youthful moments day by day
Hiding them in the subconscious mind
Where they sit lonely and gloomy
But still stirring hard in the skull
Like the stubborn hunger in summer
Making the head to nod and dance
Dance to the tunes of of long forgotten songs

The mind is at the crossroads
Entangled in the bitter sweet childish plays
Where excessive happines would result to crying
And the cry bore happiness
So as i sit on this three legged stool
I dance to the fading childhood tunes
Of the cherished moments long missed
And age is the obstacle,that leaves me at crossroads

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserve



Nature is a great riddle
Who will get it right?
To me is a tricky puzzle
Can’t solve it alone
But just to believe what is said
So I won’t question much

Beyond this beautiful beauty
The beauty of blue sapphire skies
Is there another undying beauty?
That my eyes are hidden from seeing?
What is beyond this horizon?

Every day is a new day
Yet the horizon is ever the same
Always keeping the undying spirit
New and younger than yesterday
What magic is beyond this horizon
Which always breath life to us

Beyond this horizon
That gives life it’s new look
The horizon that smiles light to the world
Beyond it must be the new land
Which my legs yearns to step on

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved


Remove yourself from the mud son
Strengthen yourself and move own
Through the mud make a way to destiny
Make your bridge,get yourself from this mess
Keep strong and move one more step
It is too early for you to lose hope

Open your eyes and see the beauty of nature
Build confidence and live to your future
Count not your failures of the past
Rise up afresh and move on like a soldier
Worry not of your today but focus on tomorrow
No one knows what tomorrow holds for us

Dry your tears and feel happy again
Be confident and get out of your fears
Quench your lifetime thirst with your tears
Allow not your heart to age and tear
Stage un ending battle with the life
Face it strong for it is a fierce fore
Fight hard just as others did before

Pull yourself from the shadows of death
Like a soldier retreat not until you liberate yourself
Make a vow of self liberation
Hustle through and get out of this darkness
Fear not the present,focus on future
Have hope for at the end of tunnel is light

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved

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Toiling from dawn to dusk
Cutting the grass,turning the soil
Till our feet are full of dust
Makes our pot to boil
As it was,as it will
Life is a hustle without rehersal

Early in the chilly morning
Up on the task,blankets thrown away
Throughout the busy day yawning
Struggling to make the day
As it was,as it will
Life is all a struggle untill the last breath

Braving the morning cold
Daring the evening darkness
We always stand out bold
Since when young till you grow old
Struggling to fill this endless pit-stomac
As it was,as it will
Hustle stops when you die

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved