The elders of Sakwa are upset
Their men have denied them a treat
Don’t you see their tears during the sun set
Rolling down the sacred stones of Seme in regret
Can’t you hear them spitting out flames of hate
In the quietness of the midnight darkness?
The gods of the village are upset
And are warning of the dangers that awaits
Maybe earthquake or something close to that
That will turn the land of the hills into dust
Hurry to the streams before it is late
To the sacred hill where Ramogi always sat
Take the white ram, young and fat
Treat the elders and save us from the wrath




Don’t cry when the sun sinks
Instead harden yourself like a Shepard king
Throw a smile and wave to the sun
For it will sink with all your pain
Face to the west, wave to the sun
In its golden rays is a soothing song

Listen to the noisy whispers of the sinking sun
In it’s warm burn roast yourself
Let it’s magic’s heal your  wounds
The wounds of a whole day of toil
Don’t cry when the sun sinks
Instead dance to it’s fading rocking tunes

In the sinking sun is a word to the world
Treasure the message more than jewels and gold
On it’s golden smiles always embrace and hold
Let it’s warmth hide you from the cold
Don’t cry when the sun sinks
For it is another chance to make a change

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



Early in the morning the moon sleeps
And the sun rules over with red lips
Inside this nest like house
Sleeps the son, full of thousand thoughts
Thoughts of unpredictable tomorrow
The day that always comes with it’s sorrows
Before dawn…. The sun positively things
He will once realize the thousand dreams

The sun shines bright spreading it’s laughter
The dwindling dew melts and escapes
The birds singing magical songs louder
Awakening the already lost hopes
In this hollowed house where the rays fall brighter
The son believes that one day before dawn
He will receive his crown

It is midday and the sun shines brighter
The son toils under the scorching sun
Breaking rocks by the river banks
The waves and tides giving him solace
Then slowly the hopes grows
That before dawn… The pains will bring gains

Late in the evening the sun sleeps
And the moon brings the soothing solace
In this ‘mansion’ the rays shine brighter
Rekindling the glowing spark of hope
Hoping that before dawn
His fortune will knock.

@Sebby _The Poet™
All rights reserved


Am a distant pedestrian
In this unpredictable hide and seek game
Am thet pedestrian walking through the valleys and hills
Along this meandering road of all odds
Where no skills are required but only perserverance
Perserverance that is now a vague vocublary to me
Vague and infact a total mirage
In this race i wont take part again
So let me be a distant pedestrian
Waching the race from the other side of the road

Am that silent pedestrian
Who quited the race before it got worse
When i realized my heart was almost bleeding
I couldnt withstand the potholes of this road
Where injustice was my daily dose
The waves of this path hit me heard always
Till my heart almost froze
I chose to quit this competitive race
Let me be a pedestrian and watch without stress

My competitor in this race was a beast
To me she never thought of anything best
Pushing me to the sides of the road with an iron fist
She made me look like a cursed outcast
Then i made a long lasting choice at last
In the race of love i will be a pedestrian
Watching the overspeeding racers from the roadside



Daughter of the soil
Frown not as you struggle to make our pot boil
And weep not when you see me tired,after the day’s toil
Instead put a smile on the face and apply some oil
Perservere the cruel chains of this fateful jail
Where situation is hard with no one to bail
Stick by me,my promise won’t fail

As you hustle through the sacred plains,fetching firewood
This same plain where Ramogi used to get food
Sing some praises to Him who is always good
Smile again and change the ever sad mood
For the rains will soon come and bring food
Stick by me,to you I will always be good

When it rains and I delay out
Just be good as always and please don’t shout
The shouting may send away rains and bring drought
Instead stand by the gate and wait
To you I must come back even if it is late
Stick by me and clear the doubt
I will stick by you day and night

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



I kneel at this holy gate weeping
Heaving heavely with sins overwhelming
Dragging me from the gates of life
Taking me to the other side of grief
Where flames of hungry fire are burning
Living everything in ashes,nothing remaining
Then I remember that I am a poet
Let me write a piece as I wait for my fate

Knock! knock! knock!at the heaven’s gate
Using the tip of my overworked poetic pen
Not sure of the outcome but believing it is never late
I put down the piece and knock again
I then remember the art of praying
Which I forgot and concentrated on writing
Writing pieces of poems which always soothed them
Pieces that gave me fame and a big name
So as I sit on a stone at this holy gate
I write to you this piece that carrys a lot

‘Remember not the sins of my youthful life’
Is the theme of my prayer at this place
For I am overwhelmed by tears and grief
It is only in this gate I will find eternal solace
I gasp for a breath and listen keenly
Inside the gate people are singing imensely
Back to my ever leaking poetic pen
I write this cautioning peace to mankind
When the gates will opened
I will throw it through the heaven’s window to the earth
And end my long journey as a poet

Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



Behind this plastic smile on the face
The smile that brings false happiness
Which engulfs the happy sorrowful face
Is a large lamp of untold bitterness
Held tight by strong unseen force
Bitterness that betrays the heart’s tenderness

Behind this forced smile you see
Is a pool of tears just like a surging sea
Unnoticed tears of a genuine plea
Plea of deliverance from vultures’ spree
Will this cry be heard and set us free?

Within this false smile are sore scars
That itches the heart breeding unseen tears
Pains of decades behind this cruel bars
Separated from the light of sweet romantic stars
Behind this smile is a genuine cry,but who cares
In this pains the hearts bleeds and tears

Behind this broad smile is a pool of pain
Pain of years with nobody to care
In the curtains of smile I hide the pain
For the cry has had nothing better to bear
Deep within the heart is plain pain
Pain of Africans on freedom chain,
With no hopes of redemption from vulture like kings
Behind this false smile is untold pain
Of the native aliens

Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



Trim this unbecoming personality
Revive that lost sweet sense of sanity
Hull me out of this den of iniquity
Teach me,direct me to the real reality
Let me live to the best of my ability
And change this vulture like society
Where insanity rules over humanity

Instill in me the wisdom of a child
Of loving all even the veteran enemy
Wisdom of laughing even when hated by the world
Seeing all the problems as just being petty
Grow in me the blossoming seed of love of the child
Love that discriminate not and unite the world
A sense of forgiveness is my daily prayer
Instill it in me,let me soar higher

Pull out the jealous spirit in me
The spirit that values ethnicity that unity
Rekindle the lost love in me
Love that brings together a strong nation
Where peace is the daily phrase
And love is the most common quote
Smash this fight prone dirty heart
That courses brothers and sisters to fight
Draw me from the dark darkness,lead me to that light
Plunge in me a pure magnificent heart
Unity is what I would like to see in my sight

I  am that third world nation
Where the previous calmness has turned into confusion
Where peace has been buried in the far yonder
Like a deadly spirit,citizens left to wander
Running to our neighbors living with frustration
Peace stolen by the warmongers
As a nation  I go down to make a prayer
FATHER restore the peace that we lost to the fighters

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



                  Life down here is a total mess
            Overwhelmed by the troubles that I face
                  Living the life that never was
        Situation has robbed away my peace
      Hope lost in the far away sapphire skies
           To me hell has already broken loose
I live in the memories of life that was
                  After destroying what I gained for years

                    Am not living a life but a lie
               A question in my skull is but why
          The once soft ground now very dry
       Life so bitter however much I try
At times I go down to my knees to pray
But the haunting memories always carry me away
          Left rigt and centre my head swey
     Memories of better life now gone astray
I am left with nothing but a genuine cry

               I once lived life of great fame
        Money,cars and all that I can’t name
All have blown and is like a dream
A dream of the heavens from which I came
                   I am crippled,infact am lame
        Fame and name turned into shame
                    My candle is now lighting dim

          Life is now a cylce of trouble and confusion
     Burrying me in an oasis of imagination
Living a life with no direction,no vision
So as I stand in this zone of frustration
                  I make a genuine and lifetime confesion
      I am living borrowed life of frustration
   Because I drunk the better life.      worth living

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved



Through the hill tops and the warping valleys
By the river banks and and the vast shores
I gasp for a breath and postpone my duties
As i remember the nice sweet stories
Which i whispered into her all time listening ears
The nonesence stories all with emptiness
Though to her meant the whole world all times
An oasis of laughter and broad smiles

As i turned six,strong you stood
Trudging through the heavy thick mud
With a bag on my back,walking by your side
Day in day out on this same road
Taking me to that sweet prison
Where knowledge and morals were injected
Into my young empty skull every season….

Back i came,my shirt full of dirt
You looked at my short,torn into two parts
You remained happy,never worried of that
At time you checked my filthy folded books
Showed me how to do it best
At the end i passed all the tests
Thank you for that pure magnificent heart
This piece is for you,mum you are the best

Here i now stand a responsible man
Believing that all things are possible under the sun
I write this poetic piece with my ever leaking poetic pen
Appreciating all you have done to me since then….
As i bask on this warm soothing sun
I weave my appreciation into words of wisdom
Mum,pick this roses and feel its sweet fragrance
They are all for you,
Appreciation for your tender care

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved