I kneel at this holy gate weeping
Heaving heavely with sins overwhelming
Dragging me from the gates of life
Taking me to the other side of grief
Where flames of hungry fire are burning
Living everything in ashes,nothing remaining
Then I remember that I am a poet
Let me write a piece as I wait for my fate

Knock! knock! knock!at the heaven’s gate
Using the tip of my overworked poetic pen
Not sure of the outcome but believing it is never late
I put down the piece and knock again
I then remember the art of praying
Which I forgot and concentrated on writing
Writing pieces of poems which always soothed them
Pieces that gave me fame and a big name
So as I sit on a stone at this holy gate
I write to you this piece that carrys a lot

‘Remember not the sins of my youthful life’
Is the theme of my prayer at this place
For I am overwhelmed by tears and grief
It is only in this gate I will find eternal solace
I gasp for a breath and listen keenly
Inside the gate people are singing imensely
Back to my ever leaking poetic pen
I write this cautioning peace to mankind
When the gates will opened
I will throw it through the heaven’s window to the earth
And end my long journey as a poet

Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved