Daughter of the soil
Frown not as you struggle to make our pot boil
And weep not when you see me tired,after the day’s toil
Instead put a smile on the face and apply some oil
Perservere the cruel chains of this fateful jail
Where situation is hard with no one to bail
Stick by me,my promise won’t fail

As you hustle through the sacred plains,fetching firewood
This same plain where Ramogi used to get food
Sing some praises to Him who is always good
Smile again and change the ever sad mood
For the rains will soon come and bring food
Stick by me,to you I will always be good

When it rains and I delay out
Just be good as always and please don’t shout
The shouting may send away rains and bring drought
Instead stand by the gate and wait
To you I must come back even if it is late
Stick by me and clear the doubt
I will stick by you day and night

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved