Trim this unbecoming personality
Revive that lost sweet sense of sanity
Hull me out of this den of iniquity
Teach me,direct me to the real reality
Let me live to the best of my ability
And change this vulture like society
Where insanity rules over humanity

Instill in me the wisdom of a child
Of loving all even the veteran enemy
Wisdom of laughing even when hated by the world
Seeing all the problems as just being petty
Grow in me the blossoming seed of love of the child
Love that discriminate not and unite the world
A sense of forgiveness is my daily prayer
Instill it in me,let me soar higher

Pull out the jealous spirit in me
The spirit that values ethnicity that unity
Rekindle the lost love in me
Love that brings together a strong nation
Where peace is the daily phrase
And love is the most common quote
Smash this fight prone dirty heart
That courses brothers and sisters to fight
Draw me from the dark darkness,lead me to that light
Plunge in me a pure magnificent heart
Unity is what I would like to see in my sight

I  am that third world nation
Where the previous calmness has turned into confusion
Where peace has been buried in the far yonder
Like a deadly spirit,citizens left to wander
Running to our neighbors living with frustration
Peace stolen by the warmongers
As a nation  I go down to make a prayer
FATHER restore the peace that we lost to the fighters

@Sebby_The Poet™
All rights reserved