I think of doing
Something weired
That will make the whole world
Break into loughter
And enter into Guinness books of record
As the best word entertainer

I feel like going to the parliament
and stand on the table
and instill some sense into our dear leaders
Who just sit and pass some funny motions
Yet they leave out some serious matters
That need a quick address.

I think it wise
To wake up one morning
And match directly to the statehouse
And share a cup of tea with the president
Take some selfies with him in his office
And put them as my profile picture
So that I come back to the village
And boast of the achievements I will have made

I am thinking of starting the campaign
To search for the Al-shabab leader
And other terrorist leaders like the Bokoharam
If I get them
I am thinking of stripping them naked
And castrate them in front of the masses
Just to show them that am fed up with there vices

Am also thinking that one day
I courageously face the socialite Huddah Monroe
And tell her that I like her round figure
And then tell her some lovidovey words
Until she accepts my humble request
And post my photos on her Facebook
And share them on instagram
And maybe call me honey

The thoughts may look weired
But they are my innermost thoughts

#21st century poetry#