I am the send warrior
Representing my clansmen
In my filth palms
Lie the fate of my clan
Options are only two
Lift or kill the clan
It is a tough task to do
But I will fight till am done

By the respect of my people
I take up the mission
Promising never to do evil
That will bring confusion
Determined like an eagle
I make a confession
Never to become idle
And give up the mission

By the blessings of “WERE”
I make a vow
To go and face my foe
Like the others did before
So today I go
Goodbye my people

I am the send warrior
Send by my people
To represent my nation
In a peace mission
So I refrain from evil
I can’t associate myself
If evil is your obsession
Sorry am not with you
So please count me out

“WERE” is a Luhyia word meaning God.
Luhyia is a language spoken by people of western Kenya


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